14 Year-old Strangles Her Newborn

I try my best to not read “shock” tactic news that feeds on our oddly human desire to read truly disgusting acts by our own race, but this one stood out to me, “14-year-old charged in newborn’s death.” I was expecting some babysitting gig gone tragically wrong, but no, this was a 14 year-old-girl who became pregnant, carried to term without her parents knowing, gave birth in her bathroom toilet to a full-term infant, then strangled him to death, and hid him in a box in a pile of laundry, and went on with her life.
The level of WTF in that paragraph is over whelming. Where to even start?
First, this girl was 5’3 and 100 lbs. Her baby was delivered 9.8 lbs and 20 inches. Apparently, her parents did not know she was pregnant because she wore “baggy clothes.” Now, I’m 5’2 and throughout my pregnancies have ranged from about 120-140 lbs. My largest baby to date was 8.15 lbs..I looked like a freaking whale that swallowed a rhino. The sheer fact that her parents managed to miss something that big, is sickening and I’ll even go as far as to deem it bad parenting, a shining example of an exception to my there is no right or wrong way to parent motto.  The article states that some of her family members noticed, so the mother had her take two pregnancy tests in private and felt that sufficient proof she wasn’t pregnant. Really? Did she have a moving tumor? Eat too many burritos every night? What else explains a round, moving baby bump on a female? Her mother was really so concerned about being her friend and trusting her she was oblivious to a 9 lb truth?
Then, she gave birth to a nine and half pound baby on a toilet and hid the sound using running water. WTF kind of bowel movements from the under depths go on in that house? A 14 year-old delivering a huge baby without pain meds and no one heard that or felt it was suspicious because she had the water running and bit a damn towel?
 I also can’t wrap my mind around how any female..no matter her age..could carry a child 40 weeks then strangle it immediately after birth and throw it in the laundry like dirty socks. She pried the poor boy out with a pair of scissors, the mental image of that makes me physically sick. That’s not a scared little girl that doesn’t know what to do, that’s a sadistic freak. I’m not sure if I find that or the fact that she’ll likely get let off easy because she’s so young more deplorable. She was mature enough to have sex. She deliberately and decidedly hid her pregnancy. She was mature enough to deliver a baby by herself. She knew what she was doing. She knew that baby was a living, breathing life as she pried him out of her with scissors, checked for a pulse, strangled him, and then checked for a pulse again, that is not panic, it’s a plan.
What sort of society do we live in where parents are monsters for spanking, despicable for not breast feeding, and all manner of moronic judgmental shit is deemed acceptable, but a sadistic kid who kills a newborn is a victim? I like to think myself some part of a solution. As if by raising my children with honor in a world so devoid I’m making some heroic difference, but on days like these, I’m praying for tidal waves. Mom needs to come and bring it all down.

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