20 Children Die in Conneticut School Shooting..Want to Ban Guns?

I want to start by saying my heart goes out to the parents of the 20 children between the ages of 5 and 10 who died today at the heinous Connecticut school shooting. Having a child in preschool, I couldn’t stop myself from placing myself in their shoes and the thought alone brought me to tears. Nothing can describe what that must feel like. For those 40 parents, it really is the end of the world, just a few days early.  However, as the day progresses and I check in on my social networking feeds, my heart sinks in a whole different manner. I see this tragedy being used like so many others to support the ban of guns. 
First off, really? As if that there is someone out there that can without remorse fire on young school children doesn’t dock enough morality points from my belief in humanity, people are going to use something like this to further political agendas? They’re going to step up and honestly say, “It was that cold, inanimate object a human made that’s to fault for this,” rather than blaming the real human person who pulled the trigger? How incredibly self-centered has our race become?
Second, even if you could blame the gun, do you really think logically, that someone who was full willing to shoot people at all, let alone defenseless children, which is a pretty severe crime beyond even legal terms and into the moral realm, is going to give a shit on flies about a law telling them they can’t own a gun? Lovely… couple the loss of twenty young lives with the fight for the loss of one more freedom. Way to go America…

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