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I love my husband. Really I do, but the fact that he goes to work every day and I stay home with the kids has created a drastic difference in perspective between us. Many a late-night arguments have spurred from his inability to relate to what being a “housewife,” is like. Someday, once I’ve finished school we plan to switch places, but until then, there are a few facts he and other work-dads (or moms) should know about the daily lives of their loving wives (or husbands in the case of stay-at-home dads).

My job doesn’t have breaks, lunches, or a clock-off time.

I appreciate beyond measure that my husband works and brings home the money to buy the bacon we all so love, however, it’s important that working dad’s recognize that just because moms don’t get pay-checks or overtime doesn’t mean they aren’t working. On top of the career choice of stay-at-home

The real never ending story

mom being a lot of work, we also don’t get to clock-off. There is no “quittin’ time.” I try to avoid the mindset that motherhood is a never ending job, but it’s the truth and that can be exhausting.

Sometimes I need help.

I realize that at work a working-dad usually doesn’t get to say, “Hey, I didn’t get this done today because *this* took too long, can someone else do it?” but at work, you have co-workers. Most moms try pretty damn hard to do it all, but reality deems sometimes they’ll fail. Sometimes they’ll need your help. Sometimes you may have to do some dishes or cook dinner. In that instance, don’t be bitter or disappointed, making your wife feel like a failure isn’t going to motivate her.

It’s not my job.

OK, I see the contradiction there from point one to point three. Hear me out though; taking care of the children is my job. Keeping the house functional and clean is my job. Being your maid at your every beckon call is NOT my job. For example, guys, if you need clean undies, it’s not your wife’s job to jump up and wash them. Your hands are not broken and you know where the washer is. Whether your wife often does certain things or not, there is no rule that says you can’t do it every now and then.

I’m a partner not an employee.

Finally, as if to wrap all three points in a pretty little package, your wife is not your employee. You don’t get to be mad if she doesn’t get all her work done. You don’t get to give her work orders. You don’t get to set her hours because you want to “go to bed” *wink, wink*. In all of the above, either does she. Motherhood is a job with no boss, a long list of responsibilities, and crappy pay, but great benefits. And yes, I do know there are some things stay-at-home moms should know about working-dads too.

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One thought on “4 Things Working Dads Should Know About Stay-at-Home Moms

  • Fred

    When you have “no boss” that means you are your own boss thus you set your own schedule. This means any mismanagement of time, or not having enough time is completely your fault. You’re inability to manage your time properly does not constitute an emergency for your spouse when they work a 40+ hour a week job to put food on the table, clothes on your back, reliable transportation, heading, cooling, healthcare, dental care, and all the other things you are not willing to, or are able to provide.