Who Runs This Thing Anyway? 2

This is the “we” of Life with Gremlins, 31-year-old mother of four and self-proclaimed valiant protector of the grey-area of parenting out to prove to the universe that there is no right or wrong way to parent. I am aware we is plural and me is not, but you know, maybe someday I’ll feel comfortable enough to add more writers.

I ditched a 9-to-5 in 2008 after the birth of gremlin one hoping to stay home and raise him while also supporting my little family via writing. I wrote. I earned. I succeed. I got tired of contract work, and sometime later Life with Gremlins was born. Between all that 11 years of marriage, a mortgage, a divorce, a few degrees, and three more children happened, but I doubt you care about that.

What qualifies me to run a parenting website?

Those degrees I mentioned were not in something relevant like child psychology or even English or journalism. Nope. I’m a business major who also briefly thought she wanted to be a medical assistant so ended up with that certification too. The content of Life with Gremlins is inspired by real life. By handling three boys and one-tougher-than-they-are little girl 24-hours a day. By struggles with love, infertility, conception, depression, indecision, loss, and self-doubt. Their merit is in my experience woven neatly into impartial research. I pride myself on knowing that any fact found on this website can be cited and supported. That no opinion is ever stated as fact or better than another, because your life is not mine. Your children are not mine, and my opinions are not those of everyone. I hope that this site helps somebody else, someplace, at least once.

Need something written? I do still do contract work on request. Life with Gremlin’s also occasionally supports sponsored posts and/or product reviews. These must be relevant to our readership and will be truthful and accurate. I do not review items I have not tried. I do not provide positive reviews for payment. Please don’t ask. I can be contacted at: [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Who Runs This Thing Anyway?

  • Michele

    I first want to start by thanking you for writing the article about the nails falling off. I am a fifty years old grandmother who cares for my granddaughter pretty much full time. Now this is definitely not my 1st rodeo. I actually raised 4 children. But, there seem to be things happening with my grandchildren that none of my children went through, leaving my husband and I feeling quite perplexed. Not to mention I find it quite disturbing I learn more from the Internet than from actual doctors. They constantly stress not to do it but thus far most of the info has been accurate. My granddaughter had the hand foot and mouth virus. I had truly never heard of it and I am disappointed her pediatrician didn’t tell me that this could happen. I am not really much of a social media person but I am eternally grateful to you hip tech savvy people who blog and post any and everything it has truly been a true blessing for me.

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!
    From a very grateful grandma

    • unwirklich admin

      You are most welcome. 🙂 It’s awesome you are so involved in your grand kids lives. Mine have some awesome grandparents themselves, and I know how much that means to a kid.