Ban Spanking? Oh, No Canada!


OK, so I’m not Canadian. If you ask your average American though, Alaska is part of Canada, so I can rant right?  As a writer for Shine I watch their parenting page, and ran across this article detailing how Canada may now be considering banning spanking based on a meta-analysis of 20 years of studies. Yes, I am sure these are studies such as the one released recently in the US that supposedly linked spanking to mental illness…that is until you read the study and found in black and white it actually said the study was on harsh physical discipline beyond that of typical spanking.

John Fletcher the editor and chief of the respected Canadian medical journal behind this strongly worded recommendation to the Canadian government actually went as far as to suggest spanking was an, “anachronistic excuse for poor parenting,” and further that, “parents need to be re-educated as to how to discipline their children.” Who exactly, is qualified to “educate” parents as to how to discipline a child? Last I checked there was no right way to discipline every child on the planet, or even in Canada, because every child is different. Personally, while I realized Canada is not my country, I’d weep a bit at the loss of liberty Canadian parents would suffer at some crack-brained “researchers” who interpret data to fit their own personal opinions and feel a nanny-state where the government controls every aspect of daily life is somehow “positive” for parents.

I’d further suggest that limiting the power parents have over their children has caused a negative behavioral trend. I recall vividly the first time my nephew told his school that his mother “beat” him simply because she had grounded him from his video game. She was investigated. She didn’t even believe in spanking, but that’s the sort of thing that happens when you teach a child that discipline is abuse rather than the difference between the two. You get unruly, disrespectful, asshole children who walk all over their elders. I’m not implying that a child cannot be well behaved without spanking, but that spanking doesn’t equate to a bad child. There are circumstances it is necessary and those circumstances should be determined by parents without governmental regulation. I cringe at the state of tomorrow’s youth if parents could no longer even discipline their child beyond a stern and carefully worded reprimand.

You tell that journal where to stick their maple leaves parents of Canada.

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