Brown Discharge Before Period 52

brown discharge before periodBrown discharge before a period is entirely normal and almost never a cause for concern. It is rare any type of period blood color or texture changes are. Brown discharge in particular is a just result of older blood mixing with cervical mucus, but to ease your mind, let’s look at the most common causes of brown discharge before a period.

Causes of brown discharge before a period:

Ovulation: Sometimes ovulation will cause slight spotting which takes time to reach the vaginal opening resulting in it appearing brown by time it exits. Ovulation is normal in those who have hit puberty and occurs on average mid-cycle. Not all women experience ovulation spotting.

Hormonal imbalance: Hormonal imbalance such as low progesterone can cause spotting periodically throughout your cycle. Any cause of spotting or very light bleeding can result in brown discharge before a period. Birth control or herbal options such as vitex may help balance horomones.

Implantation bleeding: When a fertilized egg implants into the uterine wall sometimes a small amount of bleeding occurs which can present as brown discharge before a period. If you’ve had unprotected sex and pregnancy is possible, you can read more about telling implantation bleeding from spotting here.

Cervical or vaginal damage: Damage to the cervix or vaginal wall may also cause light bleeding. Sex or PAP smears can cause this sort of damage.

Infection: Certain infections including yeast infections, bacterial vaginsosis and sexually transmitted diseases can cause inflammation to the cervix which also causes bleeding. In this case, it is likely you would see other symptoms as well such as odor, itching, or rash. Continuous brown discharge should be mentioned to a doctor.

Beginning or end of your menstrual cycle: Finally, brown discharge just before or after your period is just a result of light bleeding beginning or ending.

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52 thoughts on “Brown Discharge Before Period

  • nitzag1998

    hi, I’ve been having really bad cramping and tummy aches for almost 3 weeks now, gradually getting worse. I am on the pill, and this is my week off (my menstrual period has commenced). I’ve been having brown period blood for about 3 days now and there is just a small amount of red blood found. I’ve been having terrible body aches from my legs to my shoulders and upper back. I never get body aches during my period, and especially not cramps for 3 weeks (maybe 2-3 days prior to my period, usually). Is this normal?

    • unwirklich admin

      It’s possible that the aches are unrelated, as I don’t know of any hormone related to the menstrual cycle that would cause that. If you just started taking the pill, it’s entirely normal to have some irregular bleeding and you might even find this new super-light period is your new norm, if you aren’t new to the pill, I would wait and see what happens next cycle. If it’s still off, consider seeing your care provider.

  • Kim

    so I had protected sex and the guy never came in me this happend 2 days before my normal period and I have brown spotting what does that mean ?

    • unwirklich admin

      Brown spotting before your period is normal. If he didn’t ejaculate, the only chance of pregnancy is from precum, and the chances of you getting pregnant just before your period are even lower than the chances of getting pregnant from precum, so I can pretty much promise you aren’t pregnant unless you had other unprotected intercourse this month.

  • Rosie

    My period normally comes for 3 days in June it came for 5 and the period started the 3rd late at night and I lost my vriginity the 11 ,its now August and no period iv taken 3 test and all negative now today I have bad cramps and brown discharge,is it normal,And if it helps the boy did not cum and it was only for few mins , what’s on your mind about this one

    • unwirklich admin

      Some fluctuation in your period is pretty normal in your teens (forgive me if I have guessed your age poorly), I would bet the discharge your seeing is the start of a period.