Buddha Fresh Eco Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Review

buddha fresh air freshenerOne thing I underestimated before I had kids was their ability to stink. I don’t mean our kids themselves are stinky, but that they’ve made our house discover new smells. Sadly, my husband also cannot stand any type of smelly air freshener, so dealing with said new smell levels has always proved interesting for me. I’ve tried wax melts, baking soda, good ole sanitization, those “no-smell” deodorizers, and honestly, either it doesn’t work or it needs replaced so frequently I’m too cheap to keep up on it. This being said, when I got an email from the folks over at Buddha Fresh explaining their product—which is made from bamboo charcoal, lasts 2 years, and boosted the claim of chemical-free, scent-free deodorizing—I was more than down to give it whiff. They sent me over a few sample charcoal bags to try, and try I did.

I got my sample pretty promptly. There were 3 burlap looking bags with a fat little man on them and tie strings (which helped with placement where my kids wouldn’t steal them). 2 small and one large.

I placed one Buddha Fresh air deodorizer in three problem-smell areas of my home: the bathroom (large bag), under the sink where the trash is (small bag), and the last small bag in a closet where I store my steam mop that once got wet from a leaky valve (it was bleached but has always had this musky smell from the moisture damage in the wood.) Now, the bathroom and trash cabinet are kind of subjective, those are open areas and can be stinkier based on—uhem—use level. I thought they smelled less, but then I thought, well that could be the placebo effect, I expect it to stink less so it does type deal. The water-damaged musk closet of doom was the real test, because that’s an enclosed place that has had the same steady smell for oh, 2 years or so. I know its level of stink and that level is reliable (unfortunately.)

I’ve left a Buddha Fresh in it now for about a month. I did notice a difference on the first day, but I wanted to be sure it lasted, at the very least past those stupid scent cones that dry out right about the time you have house guests. Surprisingly, not only did the stink not return, it actually went away entirely. At the moment, there is virtually no smell whatsoever in my closet. I even asked test smellers to give it a sniff. Long stinky story short, they work. They really are no odor and do remove odors. I can’t speak for lasting 2 years just yet, being Buddha Fresh hasn’t even been around that long, but I can vouch for a month.

buddhafresh air freshener

Now, I wasn’t aware when I tried Buddha Fresh that it actually isn’t on the market yet. It is a Kickstarter project that was looking for some testers to shoot off some reviews, make them aware of any flaws, etc. I don’t see any and was happy to see that they are relatively inexpensive, especially when you consider they claim to last 2 years. Right now you can get 2 small Buddha Fresh bags for $9, 1 large for $20, or the same kit I did (2 small/1 large) for $30. There are other pledge levels as well. You can find the Buddha Fresh Kickstarter here if you’d like to give it a try.

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