Bumbo Recall: Parents Should Recall How to Parent 1

So, everywhere I look I’m seeing this “Bumbo recall” crap. First let’s look at why these rather awesome infant seats are being recalled in the first place that has parents all atizzy…
The Bumbo recall is a result of babies squirming out and bonking their little noggins’ resulting in serious injury. Bumbo has voluntarily recalled all the seats to install safety belts and a warning sticker—only in the US do we need a damn sticker to tell us when something is dangerous. Hey you!  Did you know dropping your toaster in the sink might electrocute you? Dear consumer, sticking your hand in a blender could result in a bloody stump..really? We needed a sticker for that?
OK, here’s a crazy concept. Perhaps instead of needing warning stickers, law suits, and restraining belts, parents could use bumbo seats responsibly. I used a bumbo with both of my infants, and they never got hurt. Know why? When they were in the seat I was by the seat. It was a baby holder for things like feedings, not a baby confinement cage I left them in while I went and did my nails, ate some cake, and watched TV.
Common sense check, please select the options which a parent should not do:

1. Leave an infant unattended while sitting on a high surface.

2. Expect that a chair with no restraints is going to somehow magically prevent their baby from any escape
3. Be surprised when a baby attempts to squirm out of a chair.
Apparently, a fair amount of parents would fail the above quiz and that’s a bit scary.

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One thought on “Bumbo Recall: Parents Should Recall How to Parent

  • Gina E.

    I didn’t even hear of the Bumbo recall until now, but WOW! Really, it’s a chair for sitting a non-sitting baby, right. I never used one but that’s what it is right? O.K., so that’s clear. No where does it say BABYSITTER!!! What’s next? Are they going to have to recall bouncy seats? I’ve seen plenty of mom’s who don’t even use the seat belt in those things.