Cake Doctor Blueberry Cake with Whipped Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

I strongly support easy recipes. The way I see it the more steps a recipes has, the more things that could go wrong and ruin your nom-moment. One of my most-raved-about before mentioned easy recipes is doctored blueberry cake with whipped lemon cream cheese frosting—and yes, that is a delicious mouthful. Anyone can make this cake and thus far I haven’t met anyone who didn’t love it.

What do you need?

Doctored blue berry cake: One yellow cake mix: You can use whatever brand or type you want. Sometimes I used yellow butter

One pack vanilla pudding: Now this is actually optional. When you add pudding to a box cake even if it already says, “pudding in the mix” it makes the cake very moist, but it will also make it a bit denser so if you are shooting for light and airy, ditch the pudding. I think the denseness gives the cake almost a diner-like texture and in this recipe thanks to the blueberries it comes out somewhere between pound cake and regular cake. Note that pudding will also often increase the required bake time, so be sure to check your cake with a toothpick before calling it done.

One pint fresh blueberries: I say pint because the box in the store says pint, if yours doesn’t, one pint
of blueberries is roughly 2 cups. I have never tried this recipe with frozen blueberries. I live in Alaska, blueberries are rarely in short supply. If you try it with frozen please drop me a comment as to how that worked out.

Whipped lemon cream cheese frosting:

8 oz softened cream cheese: You are going to blend this, so it does need to be softened. I often bake in the afternoon, so I just pull mine in the morning and it’s good.

8 oz whipped cream (think tub if Coolwhip)

2 tsp softened butter: Same deal, it’s getting blended, soft prevents lumps.

¼ cup powdered sugar

You’ll also need some lemon juice to taste.

Alright, let’s bake this cake.

First, follow the directions on your cake box, but replace the water with milk and add the pudding pack. Do not add extra milk for the pudding. You’ll note the result will be thick like the picture to your left, you’ll need to spread it, not just pour it. I typically use a 9 x 13, but that’s just because it makes the most slices of cake with the least amount of work, this would work wonderfully as a layer cake and look just lovely I’m sure. I, however, have never much cared if my cakes are pretty. I care if they are addiction worthy, because I have a cake addiction. Anyway, while your cake is baking…

Make the frosting. First, blend the cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar together until creamy. Then add the whip cream and blend again. Finally, add a small squirt of lemon juice and blend. Taste the result and if you aren’t getting that perfect but mild tang of lemon, add a few more drops and blend again. I must caution, add the lemon juice in small increments. I have ruined this frosting several times by over-shooting the lemon. Place it in the fridge and await your cake.

Once your cake is baked, you simply allow it to cool, frost, and enjoy. It doesn’t get much easier than that.This cake does need refrigerated for storage.

cake, sometimes just yellow, and I just buy whatever is on sale, because generic is rarely different than brand name. You’re going to follow the directions on this cake box and will need whatever it requires—probably eggs and vegetable oil or butter—but you’re going to replace the water required with milk. You can do this with any box cake outside of this recipe even and it simply will taste better.

In case you don’t want to read all that:

-1 Yellow box cake mix
-1 vanilla pudding pack (instant)
-1 pint blueberries

-Necessary milk, eggs and butter/oil for cake mix
-8 oz softened cream cheese
-8 oz whipped cream
-1/4 cup powdered sugar
– 2 tsp butter
-Lemon juice to tasteInstructions:

Mix cake mix as directed replacing required water with milk, add pudding mix (mix will be thick), spread into desired pan and bake as directed. (Baking time may be extended by pudding, check with toothpick.)

Meanwhile, cream softened cream cheese, butter and powdered sugar together, then mix in whipped cream, slowly stir-in lemon juice to taste. Refrigerate.

Allow cake to cool before frosting.


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