Cervidil Induction and the 3 Gremlins 2

I have a good excuse this time for my lack of posts. Gremlin 3.0 also known as Ash Ulrik Vin Zant was born October 2, 2012 at a whooping 9.47 lbs and 21 inches.
He’ll certainly be added to the player’s page of the gremlins blog. I had forgotten how time consuming a newborn was. In my head I was going to keep on keeping on just the way I had been, writing my book, writing for Yahoo, going to college, being a domestic house goddess…yeah, not so much. This missive is the very first thing I’ve been able to write in weeks, and there is house work lying dormant that I should be doing as a result. Of course, as parents it’s important to remember that a balance of time is pretty important to not losing all your damn marbles, sometimes it’s OK to let things lie.
 Anyway, the point of this post was to share the birth of my spawn, my birth story, and add a little bit about what a cervidil induction is like, because when I was told it was medically time to try an induction and cervidil was the game plan, I could not find anything about what I should be expecting online.
 I was suggested induction due to being past my due date by a week and measuring a bit large. While I am anti-induction, I also really didn’t want a c-section. I had a pitocin induction with my first son, and I did not enjoy it, so my midwife suggested cervidil induction.

What’s cervidil?

Good question, right? Cervadil is a medication that contains dinoprostone, a naturally occurring prostaglandin. Now if you recognize the word prostaglandin, that’s because sperm also contains prostaglandin in a natural form. This is one of the reasons sex naturally induces labor. Prostagladins don’t actually cause contractions like pitocin will, instead, they cause the cervix to ripen aka dilate and efface. In some women that ripening can bring on contractions and lead to labor, in others cervidil just makes pitocin less harsh as the body is already ready for labor. (Pitocin if you are unaware is a synthetic hormone that causes contractions to induce labor.)

What’s a cervidil induction like?

For cervidil induction, a tampon like device is placed beside your cervix, which on the off chance you don’t know, is the connection between your vaginal canal and uterus. It has to open, or dilate and efface, or thin, during childbirth to let your baby out. For me at least, this wasn’t painful even having a posterior, L-shaped cervix. It could be compared to your average cervix check during pregnancy, but it does have to happen at a hospital. Your health care provider just inserts the tampon like device, and you lay around for awhile waiting. In my labor, within 30 minutes of insertion I was having rhythmic contractions and within three hours my water broke. My baby was completely delivered four hours after insertion. I started off dilated to a 4 and 50% effaced, however. Cervidil may not progress labor so quickly for everyone. If I had to compare this labor to my other two—one natural with a 8.15 lb baby, one pitocin with a 7.1 lb baby—despite this baby being far larger at 9.47  lbs it was also by far my easiest labor. The active pushing portion was about 30 minutes and four to five good pushes. I still would recommend avoiding induction if possible, as due dates are so relative, but if you feel medically it’s best as I did, and you’ve extinguished safe, natural induction methods, I’d strongly recommend giving cervidil induction a go.You’d think by time you got to your third baby everything would be old hat, but not really.  I still turn to squishy Jello every time my baby smiles and marvel at every cute, new thing he does with the same amazement I had with baby one– possibly a bit less shock at some of the unexpected turns of newborn parenthood, but with no less love, enthusiasm, or wonder.

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2 thoughts on “Cervidil Induction and the 3 Gremlins

  • Michelle

    This was really helpful! Thank for enlightening us on this alternative to Pitocin. I am really hoping to avoid labor inductions and as many drugs/medications as possible but if that is the case I might give Cervidil a try and see if it works for me as it did for you.
    Wish me luck and good luck on your current pregnancy.