Dealspotr: Easy Money for Couponers

Place to find deals Dealspotr As a work-from-home mom I jump at any chance to bring in a little extra cash on the side—provided it’s both legit and worth my time. Admittedly, you’ll find a lot of the supposed “easy” methods of earning money from home are a load of, well, crap, with a short list of worth-it finds. In the earn-by-shopping realm, I feel that list includes Ibotta and Ebates, and more recently, Dealspotr. Even attending couponing classes, I had never heard of these guys. They seem to be fairly new to the field.

So, what is Dealspotr?

Dealspotr on the surfaces comes off similar to most coupon sites, such as, that you’d come up with if you searched something like, “Amazon Coupons,” but they’ve really taken things to the next level. Unlike many other sites, all of their deals require some sort of verification. You can’t just post whatever you like and hope the masses vote well. Every submitted deal requires a screenshot of it actually working, and the screenshots are reviewed. This means when you find a deal of Dealspotr, it’s going to work. You’re not going to waste your time fending off popups as you try 50 coupon codes that simply do not work.

That being said, why would people take the time to submit deals if they have to like, save a screen shot file and stuff? Dealspotr pays its site goers, that’s why.

How does Dealspotr pay?

A multitude of actions on the site earn you points. Things like posting a deal, commenting, voting, spotting other people’s deals, referring others (my referral link is in this post), completing a checklist of tasks each day (usually the other items on this list). These points can then be exchanged for Amazon gift cards. 10,000 points equates to $10. That might sound like a lot, but posting a deal earns you between 30 and 800 points, and every time someone spots your deal (thinks it’s a good one that is) you get 10 points. You’ll get 2,000 points on signup, and each daily checklist is worth 200 points. Warning though, as many lists include posting deals and it appears deal posting is capped at 3 per day, post wisely. The more you interact at the site, the more deal rep you get, and more deal rep awards you higher point bonuses.

Is Dealspotr worth it?

I think whether or not Dealspotr is for you depends on your shopping habits. Do you already search out coupons? If you’re someone who already frequents coupons sites, switching to Dealspotr could certainly slowly earn you free money while saving you money in the process. Particularly if you have a few minutes to share a deal you found—via newletters or text or whatever—for something you do already. If you aren’t a couponer, chances are you’ll sign up and never come back, because realistically, there are couponers and then there are people who just aint got time for that, and that’s ok. On the upside, signup is free and the service doesn’t cost a dime, so if you’re not sure which kind of shopper you are, nothing to lose.

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