Easter Desserts: Perfect Sweets for Spring

carrot cake easter dessertMy favorite part of every holiday is the desserts. Well, after the family togetherness and all that of course. In regards to Easter, I think the dessert category is sadly often neglected to leave way for colored eggs, cheap chocolate and delicious ham, but there are a long list of decadent spring desserts to be had. Here are a few of my favorites to spoil your family with this year.

Carrot Cake:

It may seem a bit puny (hah, get it?) to suggest carrot cake at Easter, but who doesn’t want a good excuse to eat carrot cake? But I’ll give you one anyway, Easter originated in the pagan festival of Ostara, a celebration of spring. Carrots are a winter staple vegetable, much like potatoes, being that they will keep all winter long unlike many other sweet treats in the baked goods world like cherries. As Easter marks a changing in the season that would replenish winter stores, using all those nutritious carrots to make cake is a logical step and a historically sound reason to call carrot cake an Easter dessert without referencing rabbits.

blueberry cake easter dessertBlueberry Cake

Ok, these next two are me pretending I don’t live in a part of the world where pretty much all fruits are horrifically out of season in the spring (fruits always out of season in Alaska), but when I think spring, I think fresh fruit, so things like fruit tarts come hippity hoppiting into my dessert dreams. One such dessert which seems universally loved is blue berry cake. It’s a cake that kind of tastes like a muffin with antioxidants to boot, what’s not to love? Leftovers make a great breakfast that make you feel like you aren’t eating cake for breakfast too-assuming there are leftovers.

Lemon Cake with Fruit

This final one is kind of my own brain child. I admit, I like to take other peoples recipes and twist them into something far more fabulous.  It starts off with a basic lemon cake recipe and a cheaters recipe at that. Simply grab yourself some white cake mix, add a box of lemon pudding to the mix and make as directed but replace the water with milk, and poof, super lush lemon cake. You can actually do this with any type of cake mix adding any flavor pudding and it makes it taste like 50 times better. Anyway, I make mine in two 9-inch rounds. Toss some cut strawberries into sugar and let set in a warm place until they get nice and juicy. In the meantime, for the frosting, mix whipped cream with shredded pineapple. I usually use one 16 oz. tub whipped cream to one 8 oz. pineapple can. Place the strawberry mix between cake layers, then ice that sucker. Top with fresh fruit of your choice. I use raspberries, blackberries and cherries most often, and mandarin oranges can also be a great addition, but any fruit will do.

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