Genetically Passed Particulars

The oddities of genetic predisposition have always interested me. I often stare at my blond-gremlin spawn and wonder just how much of who they are is who I was at their age. Did they get more than my plethora of dimples or translucent skin? 
This morning I was making breakfast and my almost-4-year old announced quite matter of factly, “Don’t cook mine. I just want toast with cinnamon and sugar.” Further inquiring on this demand I found he wanted his bread just warm enough to melt the butter so it could be made into cinnamon toast..but not toasted. Now this greatly surprised me, because as a child I was teased relentlessly by my loving brothers for my admiration for “not-toast” as they called it or cinnamon toast made just in the manner my son was now requesting. 
Your first guess would likely be he had observed this food preference from me and then imitated it, but I assure you that is impossible. In my aim for kids who are amazingly unpicky eaters, I have banned mention of food preference from his father and I.  I don’t want them say, hating seafood because I do. When I make toast I make their toast, give it to them, and then go back and make mine. They have never seen nor heard me mention my preference for warm bread as opposed to toast.
This only leaves the possibility that I actually genetically passed that food preparation preference on, which is just crazy, and leaves me wondering if any other parents have encountered such you-would-not-expect genetic inheritances. Well, have you?

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