Halloween Black Forest Brains Cake

halloween cake black forest cakeIn this cake lovers opinion, there is no better cake than black forest cake, and coincidentally, that cherry topping does sort of resemble blood and brains—not that I’ve seen brains, but as I imagine them. Anyway, that gave me the idea to make a simple, yet professional looking Halloween cake I deemed, “Black Forest Brains Cake.”

What the heck is black forest brain cake? Basically, its black forest cake with a twist, using a dark chocolate mousse layer instead of shavings and adding a white chocolate 3D skull on top to nestle amongst the cherry filling brains. The best part? While you could make this recipe far more complicated making your cake, cherry topping, and mousse all from scratch (I’m sure Google can accommodate there) you can make it from box items for a quick, easy solution and no one will be the wiser. As a pregnant mom of 3, well, that’s the route I went.

What I used aka


Devil’s food cake mix (milk, egg and vegetable oil for the mix)

1 box Chocolate pudding

8 oz. Whipped cream

Cheesecake or vanilla pudding

Canned cherry topping

Chocolate mousse mix

11 oz. Gherdelli white chocolate chips

You’ll also need:

A 3d skull candy mold like this one.


Make black forest cake as directed, but replace water with milk and add one pudding pack. While baking, place white chocolate chips in a double boiler on low. Stir constantly until melted. Pour into candy mold, and place in a cool location to harden.

Make chocolate mousse as directed, and refrigerate. Mix pudding with 1 cup milk in medium bowl until creamy. Add 8 oz. of whipped cream and fold until combined.

Once cake is cooled, place mousse between layers. Top with whipped cream frosting. Remove chocolate skull from mold and place on cake. Top with cherry topping. Dribble some on the skull and wipe away with a paper towel.

Enjoy your creepy cake.

Note this cake tastes better if you refrigerate it a while. You could also do this with cupcakes using smaller skull molds.


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