Holy Mother of Fudge 1

We finally decided to let Torsten join the ranks of video game owning kids—educational at least. I scored a nice vsmile bundle off craigslist and needed to go pick it up. My husband, however, had just bought a cast iron woodstove the day before and left it outside overnight to burn off the protective oils before moving it into the structure. It was raining, and we didn’t want it stolen, so I had to go move it inside before I left. The kids are happily watching cartoons so, I leave them inside. Now, I am 5”2 and around 145 lbs, this stove weighs somewhere between 100-150lbs. I cleverly use a piece of sheet metal set it in front and shove it into the building, resulting in me only lifting it about 4 times, as I had to move the sheet and lift the stove back on. This whole process takes me all of 10 minutes or so. I am victorious!
Remember those happy distracted toddlers? Not so distracted the moment I walked outside apparently. When I came in, there was newspaper shredded all over my living room, and the toys had been dumped out. This is what I saw, along with Torsten, back on the couch watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid, his all time favorite movie.
That’s not so bad right? Where, o’ where is Rafe do you think….
He doesn’t know….

 Certainly looks like he’s naked on my counter causing all havoc…like throwing all the tea on the floor and sprinkling it with green food coloring…then dumping coffee beans and sugar out, and mixing them with Ovaltine, left over maple syrup from breakfast, and water…or spit?

 Then opening the remains of a large fudge cake flipping it, and playing in it with measuring cups..and sprinkling it with spices…

The kitchen alone took me 45 minutes to clean, just the counters.

..and he’s in anguish about being cleaned. FML.

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One thought on “Holy Mother of Fudge

  • Sandy

    Oh my, I can’t say I’ve ever seen kids make that much of a mess before. I would not have been a happy camper, probably wouldn’t have taken a picture either I would have been wayyyyyyyyyyy to angry to do that.

    Yikes, how did he climb up on the counter like that?