How My Kids Make My House Cleaner– Kind Of

There are plenty of ways my toddlers help keep my house a mess, but in all fairness, in their exhaustingly odd way, they’ve also helped it remain cleaner than usual. They may color on my walls. They may spill — or spit from non-spill cups — all manner of things on my floors and couches. They may on occasion poop on my floors or wipe it there. Some may call that a mess, I call it inspiration. Let me explain…

..and I am SO inspired.

My couches are always clean.
I aim to clean my couches about once a month. Honestly, though, time doesn’t always allow me to do things in the timely manner I hope for. My toddlers help out with that. You see, if they spill chocolate milk or pee on a cushion, I have no choice but to clean that cushion, which results in all the cushions getting cleaned along with the dining room chairs. They make an optional cleaning task and obligated one, and it gets done far more often.

My walls get scrubbed.
Wall cleaning is another one of those things that just doesn’t take priority. Before I had kids I will admit my walls didn’t get cleaned unless they had something horrifically obvious splattered on them or we were about to paint them. Thanks to my toddlers and their amazing forms of wall “art,” my walls get scrubbed, and will need to be repainted even, on a fairly frequent basis.

You could eat off my bathroom floor.
OK, I wouldn’t eat off my bathroom floor, because well, it’s a bathroom, but my bathroom floor is always pretty dang sparkly. Why? Every time my kids take a bath they inevitably end up splashing water all over the bathroom– seriously, sometimes my ceiling is dripping afterwards. This means, instead of being swept and mopped once a week to every two weeks, it actually gets covered in water and wiped dry about every other day.

Well, time to clean the tub..

Kids are a reason to clean.
I could go on with my theme of things my kids do that result in things getting cleaned more often or more thoroughly, but the point is my kids are a reason to clean. I want them to have space to run in circles until they fall down, go to sleep and leave me in peace. I want to know their space is not dangerous with pointy feet killers lurking under floor junk. I want to feel confident that when they get sick, it’s just because they got sick, and not because my home is a pig sty — no offense to the pigs. I hate to clean, but my kids make me want to clean by just being kids and that is a wonderful thing.

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