Just So You Know, Your Child is Human–Probably 4

I saw this photo in my Facebook feed this fine morning, and it sort of made me want to vomit, or perhaps that’s because I have a baby where my stomach used to be, but either way, really? Are there parents that actually use phrases like “din-din” and “hun-gee” so much with their kids they start using them in conversation with adults? It’s then surprising that kids’ language skills are declining? I talk to my kids the same exact way I talk to an adult, like a freakin’ human being with a brain. I say dinner, supper, feast or food. I say hungry or starving. I use real words in a varied vocabulary and explain new words in words my kids already know. I have done so since their birth. I have a three year old that will tell you his cartoon is “inappropriate and uninteresting” if he wants to watch something else as a result. I’m pretty sure if you said, “Do you have to go tinkle before we go bye-bye to din-din?” or asked one of my kid’s if they were “hun-gee” they’d look at you just like I would, like an idiot.

Long story short, parents please, talk to you kids like human beings if you want them to act like human beings.

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4 thoughts on “Just So You Know, Your Child is Human–Probably

  • Anonymous

    You’re completely right. Baby talk isnt cute, its annoying. My daughter is elequent and intelligent and knows she’s respected for her good manners and amazing language skills, and rather resents people talking to her like she were a moron.

  • Unwirklich Vin Zant

    I wasn’t aware that going a little “crazy” thanks to your kids equated to speaking like an idiot, nor that finding the humor in being a parent required doing so. Everyone has their pet peeves, this is one of mine. If you don’t care, don’t read and comment. It’s sad you find me disliking puppy-dog talk sad enough to comment twice, and no I don’t consider it “baby talk,” because you shouldn’t talk to a baby that way either.

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure that picture is supposed to be funny and exaggerated anyways. Just finding the humor in being a parent. It’s sad that you find it so upsetting.

  • Anonymous

    Being stuck at home all day with kids does make you feel a little crazy. I don’t use those exact words with my kids but really, who cares if other parents do? My kids are brilliant and have amazing vocabulary but not because I never used “baby language” with them. Seriously…who cares?