Kids Got Bad Christmas Gifts? What to Do with Unwanted Gifts

unwanted gift bad christmas gifts

Oh great, now I can hear, “mommy, mom, mooooooommmmy” in 5 different and louder voices..

It’s inevitable. Every year your child ends up getting at least one Christmas gift that is either entirely inappropriate for their age group, your parenting style, or just the most obnoxious thing you have ever seen in your entire life– maybe even past lives if you’ve had them. You find yourself stuck with this horribly bad gift in your home and are wondering to yourself, “If I threw it off a bridge would my kid be heartbroken?” Don’t go finding the nearest cliff just yet, there are options for dealing with bad Christmas gifts given to your child.

Return unwanted gifts:

The first option seems pretty cut and dry– if you’re lucky enough to have a gift receipt or know where the item came from. Most stores will take returns without receipts for store credit during the Holiday season. If in doubt, see if you can find the item at one the bigger department stores, like Walmart or Fred Meyer, if they have it you can return it there whether your sure that’s where it came from or not.

However, internet shopping has thrown a spinning top at the old return the horrible Christmas gift your kid got game. Your item may have come from Africa for all you know. One option would be to simply tell who ever gave your child the gift and see if they can fill you in where it came from. Be careful though, with this route you’ll need a legitimate reason you don’t want your child to have the Christmas gift. “It drives me nuts”, may be taken as insult more than, “it has small pieces and *your child’s name* eats everything”.

Sell unwanted gifts:

While internet shopping may have complicated the return option for bad gifts your child receives it provides another option. One child’s bad gift is another’s blessing, sell it. Sites like Ebay, craigslist, Facebook buy and sell pages, and make wonderful homes for unwanted Christmas gifts. You can use the profit to buy an acceptable replacement toy and everyone is happy.+

Give away unwanted gifts:

If you can’t recoup your loss, cut it, and gain the feeling of giving. Rather than your child’s new unwanted Christmas gift taking a long leap off a high rise donate it to charity or re-gift it to someone whose home it may be a better fit for (if one is known). If you vote to put it away and save it for an occasion, be careful not to re-gift your unwanted gift to the family that gave it to you, which brings us to the next option…

Hide unwanted gifts for later:

In cases you just simply don’t feel the gift is age appropriate for your child for whatever reason, or maybe it doesn’t fit, just put it away for next year or whatever year it is acceptable for. Rewrap it and put it back under the tree when appropriate.

Accept unwanted gifts:

Finally, if it’s not so much you don’t want your child to have the gift for a legitimate reason and more the gift is just annoying and you don’t like it. Consider tolerating it for the sake of being appreciative someone cared and got your child a gift. Chances are if you hate it your child also loves it. Maybe you can even get creative and turn an unwanted gift into a wanted gift.

No matter what ends up in your child’s Christmas booty bag try and remember that gifts are not what Christmas is really about and that batteries, run out. Happy Holidays!

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