Mom Review: 20-Second Fitness

As promised on my last review of Julian Michaels 30-day shred, I began and finished 20-second fitness. Well, I should say I finished the first month, and we have a winner. In my opinion, 20 second fitness is the best postpartum workout for moms to lose pregnancy weight I’ve ever tried. No, that has nothing to do with getting program free as I’ve only ever paid for one exercise program.

What made 20-second fitness the best workout program I’ve seen for moms trying to lose pregnancy weight?

The biggest problem I was running into with work-out programs was time. I have three kids which leaves me with very little free time. What free time I did have I didn’t feel like spending an hour working out (see my P90X review). 20-second fitness doesn’t have a single video over 12 minutes long. There really is no excuse for anyone not to be able to do this program daily as far as time constraints.

The other issue I was having is three pregnancies back to back also left my body a bit unworked. P90X was too intense too soon and caused some pretty dramatic health issues when I pushed through with it. 30-day shred was rough on the joints, which are left weaker after pregnancy from the relaxing hormones that are supposed to make birthing easier. 20-second fitness is designed to be high intensity like P90X, but in very short bursts. You do 20 seconds of exercise as hard as you can go, rest 10 seconds and repeat for 8-12 minutes. There is a different video every day which was also a perk as it keeps things fresh and doesn’t place extraordinary strain on any one area of the body like 30 day shred.

The program also has a warm up week so you don’t just jump right into strenuous exercise, it eases you into it. I actually started 20-second fitness very skeptical. The first workout was around 4 minutes. I doubled up on workouts thinking there was no way I’d see results with what they were suggesting I do a day. By time the actual program began and the warm up ended I had dropped my second session.

Are there any drawbacks to 20-second fitness?

I had to sit here and think a bit as a realist about draw backs. Really I don’t see any. I have noticed my arms are getting a bit more beefy than I’d prefer. I’d like leaner muscle, but this has been a lifelong issue of mine and likely has nothing to do with 20-second fitness. I also would not call 20-second fitness a fast results sort of program. It’s designed to be done every day (excluding one rest day a week) for the rest of your life. It’s a fitness routine more than a get a better body RIGHT now sort of deal.

What sort of results did I get in the first 30 days of using 20-second fitness to lose the pregnancy weight?

The biggest change I’ve noticed has actually been in endurance. When I started 20-second fitness running to my mail box less than a block away left me severely winded, now it hardly brings my heart rate up. This is likely because every 20-second fitness workout has cardio and the idea is to bring your heart rate up and through the roof.

As far as actual weight loss, I haven’t seen what I would call jaw dropping results. I’ve lost around 2-3 pounds, but can see definition in the upper portions of my stomach where a layer of thin fat from my pregnancy isn’t. I’ve also noticed increased tone all over and have lost inches around my waist. So, the program is doing wonders for my build it’s just not melting away the pounds just yet. However, increased muscle mass actually increases metabolism which means in round 2 of 20-second fitness, I should see more results on the scale. On top of this muscle weighs more than fat, coupling this knowledge with the lost inches I’d say I’ve actually lost more weight, its just is being counter acted by muscle gain.

To sum it up 20-second fitness is ideal time wise for any lifestyle, is excellent for overall endurance and circulatory health, and also will in time lead to weight loss and better body form. You shouldn’t expect instant results, and if you’re already in excellent shape 20-second fitness may not be rigorous enough. For example, someone that had mastered P90X may find stepping down to 20-second fitness is a little too laid back.

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