Mother’s Day Gifts: The Real Deal

mothers day giftsHere comes mother’s day again– May 10th don’t forget. Though as an actual mom, I’d like the set the record straight for moms everywhere about what most moms do and don’t want for mother’s day. I’ve seen a lot of lists as to how to not mess up on mother’s day, the best gifts for mom, and so on, but the fact is every mom is different. Most lists say things like, “don’t get her an appliance,” but I prefer those sorts of practical gifts. My ideal gift may be some chocolate and vodka, other moms can’t stand either. There are very few can’t-fail gift ideas out there.  Not to mention, the whole idea behind mother’s day is sound–to honor our mothers–but like many holidays it has downgraded into an obligatory cash-sucking event, and that simply isn’t necessary. So, what do you give for mother’s day?


You know what makes my day more than anything else– even chocolate? Appreciation. When someone I spend a large portion of my life cleaning up after and caring for just honestly and without motive shows me they appreciate the things I do. A simple, “Thanks mom,” means a lot more than a bunch of dying flowers. If you do one thing for your mother this mother’s day, show her you really appreciate all she has done and will do for you.

True Consideration

As stated every mom is different. Whatever you give, make sure you put thought into it. Don’t just browse the flower shop or store for the first shiny thing that fits your price range. Be creative. Choose a gift that really fits your mother and will show you consider her feelings and personality.


You may think appreciation and love are the same thing, but they aren’t, far from it actually. You can love someone you don’t appreciate, and hate someone you do. Someone just dropping off a gift and taking off does not show love. It shows obligation and it can show appreciation, but not love. On mother’s day you should spend time with your mom and show her real attention, whether it’s on the phone, in person, or even just in a letter. Show her that you enjoy being around her and you love her as much as she loves you, and you really can’t go wrong.

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