P90X Review: Does It Work for Moms?

I made the mistake of having my babies too close together and after my second son was born, I found myself about 60 lbs heavier than I started out pre-pregnancies. I was pretty much disgusted by my own reflection even realizing mom bodies and not-mom-bodies always look different. First, I started a postpartum diet the safe way, but by my six-week checkup, I still had 40 lbs to lose, so I sought a postpartum workout. I was ready to lose the pregnancy weight. I was dead serious and wanted a dead serious workout, so I tried out P90X despite there not being much online about its effectiveness for losing pregnancy weight.p90x review

Now that I have ceased using P90X, I thought it would be a good idea to throw my experience to the internet in a P90x review so that other new moms wondering if P90X is good for losing pregnancy weight may benefit.

P90X Review:

What was P90X like as a postpartum workout?

One of the things I really liked about P90X was it had variety. The different workout everyday aspect was very cool. The program also was, as promised, hardcore, in fact the very first time I did a video I found myself so sore the next day I could barely walk. P90X is very extreme, fast paced, and not for those who aren’t used to daily rigorous physical activity. One thing I didn’t like is every video had a great deal of yoga. While some new moms may love yoga and find this a plus, I just don’t. A little is fine, but all of the P90X videos contain some yoga and it was too much for me personally.

Why did I stop using P90X to lose my pregnancy weight?

I used P90X as a postpartum work out for an entire month, so I did 30 workouts. I quit because as a postpartum workout P90X is too rigorous. I was getting bruising from muscle damage, disrupted periods from the sudden change in activity, and overall felt awful. I also found the time requirements a bit steep for a new mom, especially a new mom with a second child. The shortest P90X daily video or video combo is 45 minutes; most of the video are an hour to an hour in a half sometimes coupled with a 15-minute ab workout. Often playing the single mom role, as my husband works out on an oil platform for weeks at a time, over an hour each day just to workout was too much time for me to try to find.

What sorts of results did I get while using P90X to lose my pregnancy weight?

In the month I used P90X as a postpartum workout to lose my pregnancy weight I lost a total of 25 pounds coupled with the diet. I did noticed an increase in muscle tone mostly in my legs.

Would I recommend P90X to other new moms as a postpartum workout to lose the pregnancy weight?

Not as a first postpartum workout, perhaps after picking up a lower intensity workout program and then doing it for a few months the transition to P90X would be less severe and not affect health negatively. However, going straight from postpartum recovery light exercise to P90X was way too much for my body at least, and I wouldn’t recommend others trying. Even later, I would say the amount of time you can devote to exercise and how much you enjoy yoga would play a big part in whether P90X would work for you. If you do have time, do like yoga, and have been regularly exercising I did see notable enough results to say P90X does work.

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