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Here at Life with Gremlins, one of our most commented posts is “Period While Pregnant” followed by “Implantation Bleeding or Period?” Sadly, many of those commenters never return to say if they were or were not pregnant. I’ve designed this page to have success or failure stories as a well as an inactive poll which, hopefully, will give us a better idea how often women experience bleeding during pregnancy or have late/early/light bleeding and end up pregnant. The last thing we want to do with the information on this site is provide false hope or unnecessary worry. We also have a page that covers actual research done on the prevalence of bleeding during pregnancy. Based on this information, it’s believed about 1 in 4 women experience bleeding in pregnancy.bleeding while pregnant poll

The effectiveness of this page depends on a few things.

-User interaction. I can’t do this without you.
-Honesty. If results tallied here are inaccurate, the page will also be inaccurate. Please only submit confirmed positives or negatives, not “I think I was….”

I would love to see more than just poll responses and get actual stories in the comment section for more detail.

Things such as:

-When was the bleeding? Was it before you got a positive test? After?
-Did you determine the reason for the bleeding?
-How long after the bleeding did your get a positive test?
-If you had bleeding and weren’t pregnant, did you find the reason behind your symptoms?

All comments are moderated, meaning your story may not pop up right away. I may edit it for readability, but will not change any details (so all you bad spellers have nothing to worry about). We use Jetpack comments here, and you can choose to submit anonymously. You can even put in a nonsense fake email, and it will post just fine.

Multiple answers are permitted to allow voting all at once for multiple pregnancies.

If you choose to submit here, I want to thank you in advance for helping others in their journey to conception. 🙂

Did you experience bleeding while pregnant?

When viewing the result of this poll please keep in mind that this is not a scientific study. Results may be skewed by the fact answers are self-reported and women who have had bleeding during pregnancy may also be more likely to click into a link like this to vote (they’ve been there, and can relate to the wonder). This is not to say the information is worthless, but that it should be taken into consideration there are limitations to its accuracy.

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288 thoughts on “Poll: Did You Have Bleeding While Pregnant?

  • Erin Stephens

    I had a positive pregnancy test, then bled for 4 days. The result was ectopic pregnancy, so it’s always best to get checked out by your doctor if you experience bleeding.

  • Amber

    Hi! My period was due 3/6. I had normal pre period symptoms, I will sometimes get a UTI or a slight yeast infection. I got a slight yeast infection.

    I tested on Thursday 3/8 and Friday 3/12 as my period still did not show. Saturday morning I had red drops in my underwear. I put a tampon in and went about my business. I changed the tampon in the middle of the day and noticed there was only a darkened “strip”. Since Saturday I have had light brown discharge, that turned red Sunday and was increasing to what seemed to be a normal flow. It now varies between nothing, to light pink to light red to light brown. I have taken a test today, 3/12 and still negative.

    I had implantation bleeding in my previous pregnancy which was positive immediately on HPT. any thoughts?

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      For most, if the bleeding is implantation related and not hormonal or from some other cause, a test is positive in roughly 48 hours, but if you are 6 days late, implantation is unlikely unless your cycle is irregular. It’s more likely you ovulated late or didn’t ovulate at all and your period is just delayed.

      • Amber

        Thank you! I’m trying not to stress myself about it. I’m still bleeding. It’s not like my normal periods, but also no more brown discharge. I’m going to test again today.

  • Natasha

    Hi my clear blue has been flashing smiley but I got my period 16 days after my last one started so 2 days after flashing smiley and it’s 19 days past my last period started still getting a flashing smiley please help

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Are your periods irregular? This sounds like a luteal phase defect (and a pretty bad one, if you’re really ovulating so close to the positive test). The other thought could be that the bleeding is from ovulation itself. Is it a full flow or more like a day of spotting? Temping would be an easy way to differentiate between the two. With an ovulation dip you’d see temps go down (and see bleeding) then see an ovulation temp shift.

  • Belinda

    I am late for my period, so I took 3 different tests and they all came back positive, but just now I went to the restroom and when I wiped there was some blood on the toilet paper.. not bright, not a lot either, just like a regular period.. when it begins.. I don’t know what to do.. or what my next step should be or whether or not that means I’m not pregnant

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Unfortunately, it’s possible this is an early loss. It could also be just some normal early pregnancy spotting as well though. If you wait until the spotting has a stopped, retest, and the test is still positive, it’s more likely just some hormonal spotting (hCG levels drop quickly in early pregnancy), but you might speak with your care provider to confirm. If it’s negative, I’m sorry for your loss, early miscarriage is tragically very common. 🙁

    • Michelle

      That happened to me as well though and now I have a healthy happy baby boy. Unfortunately, its a waiting game. I would wait a few days to see if it gets heavier. If it doesn’t take another test.