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Here at Life with Gremlins, one of our most commented posts is “Period While Pregnant” followed by “Implantation Bleeding or Period?” Sadly, many of those commenters never return to say if they were or were not pregnant. I’ve designed this page to have success or failure stories as a well as an inactive poll which, hopefully, will give us a better idea how often women experience bleeding during pregnancy or have late/early/light bleeding and end up pregnant. The last thing we want to do with the information on this site is provide false hope or unnecessary worry. We also have a page that covers actual research done on the prevalence of bleeding during pregnancy. Based on this information, it’s believed about 1 in 4 women experience bleeding in pregnancy.bleeding while pregnant poll

The effectiveness of this page depends on a few things.

-User interaction. I can’t do this without you.
-Honesty. If results tallied here are inaccurate, the page will also be inaccurate. Please only submit confirmed positives or negatives, not “I think I was….”

I would love to see more than just poll responses and get actual stories in the comment section for more detail.

Things such as:

-When was the bleeding? Was it before you got a positive test? After?
-Did you determine the reason for the bleeding?
-How long after the bleeding did your get a positive test?
-If you had bleeding and weren’t pregnant, did you find the reason behind your symptoms?

All comments are moderated, meaning your story may not pop up right away. I may edit it for readability, but will not change any details (so all you bad spellers have nothing to worry about). We use Jetpack comments here, and you can choose to submit anonymously. You can even put in a nonsense fake email, and it will post just fine.

Multiple answers are permitted to allow voting all at once for multiple pregnancies.

If you choose to submit here, I want to thank you in advance for helping others in their journey to conception. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you experience bleeding while pregnant?

When viewing the result of this poll please keep in mind that this is not a scientific study. Results may be skewed by the fact answers are self-reported and women who have had bleeding during pregnancy may also be more likely to click into a link like this to vote (they’ve been there, and can relate to the wonder). This is not to say the information is worthless, but that it should be taken into consideration there are limitations to its accuracy.

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241 thoughts on “Poll: Did You Have Bleeding While Pregnant?

  • Nat

    My cycle is shorter than usual (24-26 days) and I have my period for only about 3 days with one of those being fully flowing with blood. On day 21 of my cycle, I started feeling light cramping. As the days went by, the cramping intensified. It was never painful, just very oddly sensational. I started feeling things I’ve never felt before (sporadic sharp sensations, extreme breast tenderness, bloating in my lower abdomen and a slew of other things I can’t really describe). On day 27 I started to bleed. It feels like normal period pain. I took 2 pregnancy tests on day 24 and day 25 because the odd sensations were so strong, they were negative. I am now so confused. I know if I go to my doctor she will just say I’m not pregnant and I probably made up the symptoms from day 21-26 because I want to be pregnant so badly. I did not. But at the same time, I am SO CONFUSED. I’ve never felt those sensations in my life. They were NOT normal pms symptoms and my period NEVER makes it to day 27. I’m super confused and super sad. Any information is appreciated.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      It’s possible you had what’s called a chemical pregnancy, where you were basically very briefly pregnant, enough for levels to start to rise, but early enough there wasn’t anything developed really. It’s also possible you just had a high progesterone cycle. Progesterone will make for a longer cycle and is a culprit behind most pregnancy symptoms. Lots of things can cause temporary hormone changes like this from stress to diet changes.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I really appreciate it. I think you may be correct and after alot of thinking, I also think it may have been an ovarian cyst. I have had one before (even though it did not feel the same at all). I had a vaginal ultrasound done right before these sensations started so maybe somehow that irritated the cysts? I am not sure. All I know is I will never ever get excited ever again until I see a positive pregnancy test. I feel so dumb. This whole getting pregnant thing is tough. Thank you for your support. All the best.

        • Life with Gremlins admin

          Ovarian cysts on their own can cause hormonal shifts. I’m sorry, trying to conceive is hard, you certainly aren’t dumb for wondering though. I mean short of testing, everyone is only guessing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you good luck in your conception journey.

  • Megan

    I’m not not sure if I’m posting in the right area, but I’ll take a chance. I have very irregular cycles. Sometimes 4 weeks, sometimes 12 weeks. About 4 weeks ago I had about 4-5 days of spotting, one day of very light flow in the middle, about 5 minutes of cramps. Normal cycles consist of heavy flow, horrible cramps for a full 24hrs, and just feeling awful. I was kinda suspicious that I might have been pregnant, but I gave it up when I had the one day of light flow. Since then I’ve had consistent fatigue, lower back pain, and nausea. Two days ago I had spotting. Yesterday and today I’ve had very light, watery flow. NO cramps at all. None of the normal cycle symptoms. I haven’t taken an hpt since before the first round of spotting. I took one about 2 days before it started and like I said, I gave it up and assumed I wasn’t. Now I’m just plain confused. I’ve read every thread I can find. Could the first round have been implantation and this just pregnancy bleeding?

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Unfortunately, the cycle irregularity you describe sounds like that which is most commonly caused by a lack of or irregular ovulation. PCOS is a frequent underlying cause there. In which case weird spotting and symptoms would actually be entirely normal and result of hormonal imbalance. Ladies with irregular ovulation do sometimes get lucky and become pregnant, but it’s not a very high chance. If you want a baby, which it kind of sounds like you were hoping here, you might see a care provider for some hormone-level testing to come up with a plan of action. In many cases just a well-planned diet and exercise regime can help significantly.

  • Jennifer McCorkle

    My first two children I did not have any bleeding, however, with my third I had bright red bleeding, lasting 2-3 days three different times between weeks 6-14 of my pregnancy. The first time it happened I was 6 weeks pregnant and thought I was miscarrying. Upon doing an ultrasound we saw the baby was doing great! My doctor explained that the fertilized egg had implanted low in my uterus and everything was occurring/the baby was growing close to my cervix, causing the bleeding. I was on total bed rest for a week after each occurance. The bleeding stopped after week 14. I went on to deliver a healthy baby girl at 39 weeks!

  • Anonymous

    Hi.with my first son I bled.i thought I had my period.it was very regular.but when I went to the doctor after taking a home test came out positive..he told me I was six weeks pregnant.he said I had a break through bleeding..my last period was may11th.lasted 3 days.it was said that I ovulated on the friday 26th of may.i had sex on the 22nd may,Monday..Thursday 25th may I had cramps on right side.then Friday evening I came down with a bad flu on the day of said ovulation.headaches.diarhea.breast soreness.naseau.feverish but not over 100.weak& fatigue.it lasted for one week exactly..one whole week before my period was due.then my health came on the 9th June for 3 days..I’m just wondering if it’s a regular period or another breakthrough bleeding…guess I’ll have to wait until July to see if I get another period

    • unwirklich admin

      In most cases with break through bleeding a test will still show positive (and it sounds like it did for you prior) so you could test now.

  • Casey

    Me and my girlfriend never had sex (no penetration). We did some nude grinding, tip of my penis might have touched the vagina. A week after that, she had her periods(3 days). After 23 days, she again bleeded for 2 and 1/2 days, but the bleeding was not much(1 pad a day). Her periods normally last for 4 days. Could these be signs of pregnancy?

    • unwirklich admin

      No, if there’s no semen/precum there’s no chance of pregnancy. The occasional light cycle is pretty normal, if she’s in her teen years, irregular cycles are also normal.

        • unwirklich admin

          Not all precum contains sperm, and when it does, it’s not a lot. The chances of a stray semen making it to the vagina from a brief touch and then implanting (which often actually takes the work of many sperm) are astronomically low. She would also have to be fertile, which only occurs for less than a week during the month. In my opinion, you’re in the safe zone, but in the future you may want to plan for protection to avoid the concern you’re having now ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shelsea mayorga

    I’m pretty confused right now my last period started April 30th lasted up until May 6th then 2 weeks later my boobs were so sore for those 2 weeks. On top of sore boobs I had other symptoms like being super tired and short of breath and everything I was eating I was burping constantly also felt light cramping and tummy grumbles. My period for this month was scheduled to come the 30th of this month May. I started bleeding 2 days before that I’m confused as to why my body was feeling all these pregnancy symptoms. I also tested a little early and it was negative but I haven’t tested since. What do you think about this?

    • unwirklich admin

      Pregnancy symptoms are just a sign of hormonal imbalance, so any form of hormonal imbalance can cause them as well. If you also saw some cycle-length changes, I’d bet that’s the case here. Most times minor imbalances self resolve and just cause a one-off cycle.

  • Cindy

    I found out I was pregnant last week I was excited because in my 29 years of life I never been so my Dr send me to get a vaginal ultrasound and the dr said he didn’t see or hear anything I was scared he continued to say it looks like a miscarriage I was upset I left that same day I noticed blood when I wiped two days later the bleeding got heavier with big clots day 5 and I’m still bleeding red I have an appointment for Wednesday but I’m so scared what can be wrong oh and a lot of pain on my lower left back.

    • unwirklich admin

      If the bleeding was heavy, that reduces the chance it’s just pregnancy bleeding, but it’s still possible. Hopefully your follow-up appointment brings better news.

  • Secret

    May 4th, DH and I Bd’d. I didn’t know for sure if I was ovulating or about to but I did feel my CM before we were sexual and it was very stretchy (about 1 – 1 1/2 inches stretchy to be exact). A while later that day I started realizing I might need to take an ovulation test. I did and the line was slightly darker than it usually was. I was just certain I was going to be pregnant. I put my info into a period/fertility tracking app and it listed that day or the next I was due to ovulate. I thought for sure I was going to be pregnant so I started watching my CP & CM. They were both perfect for pregnancy. The day I was supposed to start my period my cervix was medium high and extremely soft. It felt like a little pillow. I could find it but it was really soft and puffy. I started my period two days later or what I thought was my period. I was spotting and streaking my panty liner the first evening when I first started. Then into the night I soaked a foam menstrual pad, and during that whole day, one more pad but it wasn’t really soaked. By that night I put on a panty liner because I could tell my flow was changing and that entire night, into the next day and all day that day (yesterday) I only used that one panty liner, and one in the evening.. both only having a little streak of reddish-brown. Today I woke up with nothing in my liner. This is not normal for me. I literally had barely a day and a half cycle and I had thought because I started, I was likely not pregnant because you don’t have a period when you’re pregnant but then when I was reading your first example of why woman mistake a period for not pregnant when they are, it seemed like what I might be experiencing. I then took another test today and it’s showing negative. It was a digital.
    I’m so genuinely confused because I don’t know what my body’s doing..?
    I really feel physically pregnant like I did with my first two and I just can’t understand some of the symptoms I’m having if not.

    • unwirklich admin

      Obviously from the poll results here bleeding in pregnancy does happen, but then, it’s also not uncommon to have intercourse while fertile and not become pregnant. The average couple tries about 6 months in fact. It’s entirely possible this was just an off cycle for you. If you are TTC, often lifestyle, diet, stress, supplements, etc, that are started are to blame. If your tests stay negative and you still feel pregnant, a blood test would be your next step. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Isabelle

    I have had bleeding in 2 different pregnancies. The first was with my third bub I had bleeding every 2 weeks and prior to going to the dr to investigate I decided to do a test to eliminate that as a possibility, turned out I was pregnant. A week later I had an ultrasound which showed that I was carrying twins but that one had bleeding behind the placenta. I continued to have very heavy bleeding sporadically for the first trimester until it was confirmed that one twin was not going to make it. I gave birth to a healthy full term bub.
    My next pregnancy I had a normal period, strangely right on time which was rare for me, then 2 weeks later I started having alot of pain and by that night was in agony and started bleeding again. At this point I hadn’t done a test due to having what I thought was a normal period. I called my gynaecologist and was told to get checked out but I ignored them due to being busy. By that night I was in so much pain that I went to the local emergency room, but got shoved in a bed and left alone for hours so I just left and went to the supermarket to get a test. Once home I did the test and it turned out that I was pregnant, but was in the midst of a miscarriage. It took another 3 days for the miscarriage to complete.

  • Nelly

    Hi, I’m really confused I Always have a normal period. I got it on March 27 lasted 5 days as usual but this month I Spotted for one day on the 10th of April, Then on April 17th I started spotting again for 5 days really light I could see it just when I will go to the restroom so by the 23th I got a really light flow medium (I always get really heavy periods) for only 2 days on the 25th just spotted again and that was all I took a pregnancy test 3days after I stop the spotting and came back negative! I don’t know what to think this pass days I been feeling really nauseous is it possible I could be pregnant and I tested to soon has any one been on the same situation? Any advice?

    • unwirklich admin

      Sporadic spotting like this is almost always hormonal. Since it started early in your cycle, probably estrogen related. If this is the first month, I’d recommend waiting to see what happens next cycle, but also try to think of anything that’s changed (diet, activity level, stress, etc.). If it continues, then you might see your care provider.

  • Anonymous

    I took 3 pregnancy tests with all positive faint lines. I was a week late for my period, I had tender breasts, nausea and headaches. I took another test a week later to confirm which was the clear blue digital that says how many weeks you are. Mine clearly started POSITIVE 1-2 weeks. We were over the moon and so excited.. I would have 5 weeks. One night I started bleeding we went to the hospital and the urine test that was done came up negative and after having the blood test done also, it was also shockingly negative.
    Do not trust home kit. 99% accuracy? Highly doubt it. It’s very odd to get a fasle positive especially 4 of them. The hospital was quite unsupportive and unsympathetic so I now am going to be local doctor as I want to know what has caused this? Any suggestions ?

    • unwirklich admin

      My first thought is an early loss. Home tests are actually very sensitive these days picking up hCG levels as low as 10. With an early miscarriage levels drop very quickly, especially when levels are already low and just starting to climb. If you had multiple positive tests of different brands even, it’s very unlikely they were inaccurate. Miscarriage is very common in early pregnancy, and in the vast majority of cases no reason can be identified, but chromosomal abnormality or poor implantation are most common.

  • Tilly

    Ladies, HELP! My period was due to start 26th Feb but I had signs of bleeding from 23rd Feb after having lots of sex the night before. I was on the contraceptive pill and the bleeding stopped after 1 day.

    Then I started my period on 5th March and there was constant bleeding like my normal period. The bleeding stopped for a day on 10th Feb then continued again from 11th or 12th onward but was light spotting (I could wear a panty liner, which I can never do during a proper period. I LIVE in night time ultra pads usually). I was experiencing mild cramps, trapped wind, exhaustion, tiredness (falling asleep during the middle of the day.. several times), constipation at times, sometimes i wouldn’t eat at all, other times I would eat for queen and country!

    The spotting continued until 26th/27th March and then I bled heavily for a day on Tuesday 28th March. I bled through my night time pad, a pair of knickers and shorts all at once! ๐Ÿ™
    But by the next day, my period was next to nothing . Period was completely finished by Thursday 30th March…

    Today is Saturday 1st April and my period is over but I am now experiencing ‘the runs’.

    Im not sure if there is any concern, as my usual periods last a week and are extremely heavy and painful. This period barely lasted 3 days and wasnt painful at all apart from mild cramps. I was also taking the contraceptive pill everyday with the spotting going on.

    • unwirklich admin

      Did you recently start the pill? There is often some hormonal weirdness in the beginning that can cause irregular bleeding like this. If not, and nothing has changed as far as your diet, activity level, etc., you might see your care provider.

      • Tilly

        I’ve been on the pill for about 3 years… O woke up this morning (2nd April) to brownish discharge… Is there any chance I may be pregnant? Im on holiday for a few months so finding a doctor may be a problem at the moment x

        • unwirklich admin

          Possibly, you can become pregnant while on the pill (though the chance is very low) and being on the pill while pregnant can cause bleeding. You could test to be sure, birth control won’t affect a pregnancy test.

  • Amanda Delany

    Hi this friday just gone i experienced a pink mucus… i felt wet and thort i had started my period earlybut instead found this instead then the rest of day when i went to the toilet and euped myself it was very light pink. Later that day i had a real bad cramp in my stomach and lower back pains. So i googled it as im normally just stright on period no early signs or symtoms to warn me!! Next morning no cramp just back pain still and pink still when wiping. I did a pregnancy test which came back negative i period was to originally start that sunday and again no full period and same this monday. Tuesday morning i woke up with a very heavy kind period and still bleeding right now but the texture is slimy and i know this might sound discusting but i feel very loose between my legs wen i wipe which ive just been putting it down to the slimy in my blood ive had both a pad and tampax today and within an hour or so not long really i covered them both with blood totally. Do i need to be worried please as this is not normal for my periods thanks

    • unwirklich admin

      It honestly just sounds like a late period to me. Maybe a bit of hormonal flux causing the spotting, lateness, increase in cervical mucus.