Poll: Did You Have Bleeding While Pregnant? 153

could i be pregnant chances of getting pregnantHere at Life with Gremlins, one of our most commented posts is “Period While Pregnant” followed by “Implantation Bleeding or Period?” Sadly, many of those commenters never return to say if they were or were not pregnant. I’ve designed this page to have success or failure stories as a well as an inactive poll which, hopefully, will give us a better idea how often women experience bleeding during pregnancy or have late/early/light bleeding and end up pregnant. the last thing we want to do with the information on this site is provide false hope or unnecessary worry. While medical books state bleeding during pregnancy does happen, I have yet to see any sort of statistics as far as how common bleeding during pregnancy is.

The effectiveness of this page depends on a few things.

-User interaction. I can’t do this without you.
-Honesty. If results tallied here are inaccurate, the page will also be inaccurate. Please only submit confirmed positives or negatives, not “I think I was….”

I would love to see more than just poll responses and get actual stories in the comment section for more detail.

Things such as:

-When was the bleeding? Was it before you got a positive test? After?
-Did you determine the reason for the bleeding?
-How long after the bleeding did your get a positive test?
-If you had bleeding and weren’t pregnant, did you find the reason behind your symptoms?

All comments are moderated, meaning your story may not pop up right away. I may edit it for readability, but will not change any details (so all you bad spellers have nothing to worry about). We use Jetpack comments here, and you can choose to submit anonymously. You can even put in a nonsense fake email, and it will post just fine.

Multiple answers are permitted to allow voting all at once for multiple pregnancies.

If you choose to submit here, I want to thank you in advance for helping others in their journey to conception. ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you experience bleeding while pregnant?

When viewing the result of this poll please keep in mind that this is not a scientific study. Results may be skewed by the fact answers are self-reported and women who have had bleeding during pregnancy may also be more likely to click into a link like this to vote (they’ve been there, and can relate to the wonder). This is not to say the information is worthless, but that it should be taken into consideration there are limitations to its accuracy.

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153 thoughts on “Poll: Did You Have Bleeding While Pregnant?

  • E

    My husband and I have been TTC, i took two early tests one 5 days prior to my expected period and two days prior and we’re both negative. Then my period didn’t arrive on the Monday it was supposed to so I tested again and there was a very faint positive line. This was on the 14 and then again on the 15th I tested again with a slightly darker but still faint line, so I thought I was pregnant. Then on the 17th I began bleeding and it resembled a normal period, there was at least one clot passed but no pain, no cramping and the heavy bleeding stopped and then it was just residual spotting. I thought that I was not pregnant but my symptoms have increased. I am nauseous and have breast tenderness. So I tested again on 22nd and 23rd both with stronger positive results. I went to the doctor on the 23rd and my hormone levels were 354 which is on the lower side but still in the range where they should be at the estimated 5 weeks. They told me it sounded like an early miscarriage to them but I would have to come back in a week to test the hormone levels again. I feel my symptoms getting stronger and wonder why my hormone levels would still be that high if it passed (I also never passed anything like they described as the tissue) i did another urine test at home today and this is the darkest positive line I have seen yet. I go back to the doctor this week and am hoping for some answers, but I’m going crazy waiting! Anyone have any thoughts or ideas or experienced anything like this?

    • unwirklich admin

      This does not sound like an early miscarriage to me. Levels drop very quickly in early pregnancy, so if your tests are still nice and dark that’s a good sign (though keep in mind that those tests detect a level as low as 10). hCG can also rise at different rates. Normal range for 5 weeks can be anywhere from 18-7000, I find it unacceptable they suggested you were miscarrying on one blood draw alone at all. In my experience in women with bleeding if the test is still positive after the bleeding stops, usually there wasn’t a loss. I hope that’s the case for you.

  • Birdie

    Ok so I didn’t have sex but my bf rubbed his penis on my vulva. I had my period a couple weeks after and I just had my period just recently like normal, but I keep getting really nauseous during the day and I am really gassy. I don’t know if this may have something to do with all the stress I’ve been under (I’m a senior in high school with all AP classes, a track and field athlete, and applying to colleges). Also about a month after he rubbed me I started working out with the track team and on my own. I now workout twice a day and do abs and push-ups. I thought that might be straining me. I don’t know if I should tell him and get tested or not. He probably wouldn’t even believe me lol.

    • unwirklich admin

      If there was no ejaculate or fluid of any kind, no, you can’t be pregnant. With multiple months of bleeding even if there were I would say the probability is very, very low. It’s actually likely the change in activity level affecting your hormones. Often things like that work out on their own after a few months. If you are also dieting though, consider it may also be a food aversion.

  • Hayes

    I’m having all the sypmtoms of being pregnant and I can even feel movement everyday sometimes multiple times a day I haven’t had a positive test and I have had one light two day cycle and I’m starting to lighlty bleed again so confused

    • unwirklich admin

      Abdominal movement can sometimes be intestinal or muscle spasms, but if you still suspect pregnancy, you should see a care provider for a blood test.

  • Kay Lyon

    I bled lightly on and off for 3 days when I’d got back from our honeymoon last September and just short of 2 months later after a few tell tale signs took a pregnancy test and it was positive. My sons now 5 months old. I was told it was implantation bleeding but it was slightly heavier to me than what I was told implantation bleeding was, at the time I thought I was having a period. All I can say is trust your body and like I’ve read treat your body as if you’re pregnant before you do a test. I’ll regret for rest of my life not doing a test sooner as I did a lot of drinking in early pregnancy

  • gabrielle

    I have experienced a “period” for 2 full cycles while pregnant in 2 separate pregnancies now. This time around I suspected I might be pregnant midway through what I assumed to be a normal 28 day cycle for me, I tested on day 19 with a weeks indicator test and it said I was more than 3 weeks past conception. I expected this was the case as I was already seeing my body changing hormonally and it wouldn’t be likely for me to feel those effects if I had’ve just gotten pregnant that cycle, a few days post conception. So I was in fact 6 weeks pregnant even though I had just had a “period” 2 weeks prior that was slightly lighter than my normal cycle but still bled for 5 consecutive days. I am now 8 weeks pregnant and today I’ve started spotting again, which is slightly worrisome, but also could just be my weird pregnancy period starting again as this would be the beginning of another 28 day cycle if followed up from my last menstrual period. I did ask my doctor about periods during pregnancy and she said that there is no way I could be getting a period because my uterine wall wouldn’t be shedding if it were sealed with a baby, she suggested it was cervical irritation, which I didn’t really agree with. I figured it had something to do with my hormones, specifically progesterone as I have suspected that I am low since I was having short luteal phases and ovulating late in my cycles. Also I’m still breastfeeding my 20mo daughter so I figured that could play a role in my hormone imbalance. Thank you for the info on your site! It confirmed my intuitions. I hope to go on to have a healthy pregnancy despite this bleeding.

  • JAZZ

    I really need some expert help.
    I miscarried in June (i was 13 weeks pregnant)
    My dr said i need to miss 2 cycles then start trying to get pregnant again. So my husband and I tried again after my August period. Nothing happened, i got my period again on Sept 16th it was a full 5 day period. Then a week ago i did a home pregnancy test it was inaccurate. But i felt all the symptoms, so I waited untill I missed my Oct period and re-did the pregnancy test and its POSITIVE ๐Ÿ™‚
    I did the HCG test and levels were extremely high. So my dr asked me to do an ultrasound to check on the baby. To my surprise and confusion he found a baby with a heartbeat that is 8 weeks old. He was surprised too. He told me my dates dont match his findings. And that I was pregnant since August and my sept bleeding was not my period. Im so scared to go through another miscarriage.
    Any advice? Or similar experience?

    • unwirklich admin

      I’m sorry my poll is down right now, the plugin hosting it failed and I haven’t found a good replacement. Right now the old poll stats have over 150 responses for bleeding with a healthy baby ๐Ÿ™‚ so it does happen. If you saw a healthy baby with a heart beat, your chances of a loss are now quite low. Congratulations!

  • Helloitsme

    Hi, my last period was on Sept 21st. My husband and I had unprotected sex during my estimated fertile time. I started spotting light pink and brown on the 14th and it has been off and on ever since then. Changing from very light pink, to an orangey red. I was supposed to start my period on the 18th but am still just spotting of and on. Very irregular. I’ve taken multiple hpts and they’ve all said negative. Any ideas on what’s going on? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Niyo

    Iam 22 years old and my bf is 40 we had sex on my fertile period and I feel like Iam pregnant.. I have nausea and fainted few times.. but i still get my period on due date and have a bad discharge

    • unwirklich admin

      The easiest way to answer whether are or aren’t pregnant is just to take a test. If your symptoms are pregnancy related, the test will be positive.

  • BB

    Hi, I’ve never wrote on one of these before, so please bear with me

    I had intercourse during my fertile window and after a week I felt some small pregnancy symptoms – acne, stomach cramps and then a week before my period was due I had what I thought was implementation blood, this just lasted a few hours and was only small amounts.

    I did some pregnancy tests before my period was sue and all were negative.

    Two days before when I thought my period was due I have started my period, however it has only lasted two days and my usual cycle is 5-6 days.

    I am slightly confused by my body and what it is telling me and don’t want to do another pregnancy test as I am finding it quite disheartening with the negative results.

    Would appreciate some advise and feedback if anyone has experienced this.

    Many thanks

    • unwirklich admin

      I’m afraid you won’t get pregnancy symptoms before a missed period unless you have a very long cycle and testing before your period is due is often inaccurate (though if your symptoms were pregnancy related, it would have been positive). I usually recommend women TTC avoid testing until they are late, and ignore symptoms altogether as they are too similar to PMS to be counted on. Hope that helps.

  • gino

    Good day . I have a question out of confusion. my wife and have been trying to have a baby and we got intimate 3 days before her ovulation and on the day of ovulation. then after 3 days started have Pass / pregnancy symptoms and then missed her periods for two days then started her periods that seems to be normal periods. now the only difference is that she complaints about abdominal pains and being very emotional. her bleeding is very heavy but it’s bright red and no clotting. we haven’t taken then pregnancy test yet because of avoiding disappointment. please advise if we can go see a GP for a pregnancy test or just keep trying.

    • unwirklich admin

      I’m afraid you won’t get true pregnancy symptoms before a missed period, so it sounds like she was experiencing PMS. 2 days is within normal variance for a period. Try not to stress, it takes on average 6 months for a healthy couple to conceive.