Pre-Parent Bod Reclamation Challenge 2

After three kids, I wouldn’t call myself fat, no, more… misshapen. Between my first and second child there is a mere 14 months meaning I got pregnant around 6 months postpartum. Before becoming pregnant with my second I failed to lose about 25 lbs of the pregnancy weight..25 pounds that I still have not lost despite quickly losing all the weight from pregnancy 2, and later 3. 25 lbs wouldn’t be so bad, if it were distributed attractively, but in my case it hangs as a spare tire around my midsection making me appear about 3 months pregnant and muffin-topping my jeans leaving me hiding under large t-shirts. Well, no more I say! I will not wait till New Years to make a resolution for health. Each day I will be dedicating to a small healthy lifestyle change in an effort to reclaim my pre-parent bod not for other people, but for me, because I want to like what I see in the mirror again. I don’t want to be “thin” I want to be healthy. Besides, being healthy will make me less plump and slow when the zombies get here in a few weeks.

You can catch each lifestyle change, and even join me in my post-parent bod reclamation challenge, as I know many parents share my plight, by following the I’ve Got Gremlins Facebook page.

The goal of each challenge is to be simple enough that major lifestyle alterations, time requirements, or dietary changes are not necessary…things that often lead to the failure of weight loss goals.

Feel free to leave your suggestions for changes in comment. 

The changes (to be updated each day) 

1. I’m going to keep a cup of water in the fridge, so that when I’m thirsty, rather than grabbing juice or milk..I’ll see the water cup and drink it instead most of the time.

2. I’m going to stop eating seconds until I’ve waited long enough to know if I’m really still hungry or if it is just so damn tasty I want more.

3. I will make at least one meal/snack a day vegetarian..ex/salad (not smothered in high-fat dressing) with cheese, wheat toast with jam, or carrot sticks

4. I’m going to participate in one activity a day (any activity) that accelerates my heart rate for at least 10 minutes. 

5. If I’m hungry between meals I’m going to try drinking water to be sure I’m not mistaking thirst for hunger.

6. I’m going to switch to whole grain or wheat bread. 

7. I’m going to use smaller plates during meals so I get smaller portions, but it still seems like my plate is full. 

8. Rather than being on a diet and telling myself I “can’t” have something I want, I’m going to take the things I want and find healthier recipes and alternatives that are still just as tasty.

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