Rany Zany Rain Boots: Great Variety

rany zanyOne of my biggest pet peeves as a mom of 3 boys is the limited apparel selections. I mean, I’m sure living in a tiny town in AK doesn’t help, but there is a good 80% more stuff in stores for girls than boys. It is super hard to find stuff my boys actually wanna wear. Water boots are an excellent example. The last time I attempted to buy water boots locally my options were purple, pink, floral, or plain black. The last of which were acceptable to my boys, but only found in bigger kid sizes, leaving my toddlers out of luck. Even online boy-oriented boots are pretty plain or super expensive. In step Rany Zany. I admit I had not heard of them before they asked if I’d like to do a review for them, but the instant I clicked into their product page and saw designs that a little boy might like, I was sold.

They sent me this dashing pair of sz 9’s in robot print, and my youngest loved them so much he started making puddles on hot days just to splash in. Now, I admit, obviously I didn’t pay for my pair (take that as my disclosure) so I had to go look at what Rany Zany charges. Normal price on their boots is $44.99, which I will also admit, I would not pay—not because the boots were low quality—they weren’t. They are actually exceptionally well made despite the “Made in China” stamp we all hate to see. I just won’t pay that much for a pair of boots for a kid who will outgrow them in single season. Luckily, it appears they run regular sales, for example right now all boots are only $26.99. Short of thrift stores, I’d pay that for a new plain black pair locally whether I wanted to or not if I could find the right size, so I find that acceptable and will probably get some for my older boys once they outgrow the pairs they have now—like that’ll take long.rany zany

Rany Zany boots do have a nice non-slip tread and they appear to be one-piece construction so no seams to leak. My 2 year old also likes the little handles they have attached to the tops, not because they make it easy to put them on but then he can carry them around easier—and he does— like everywhere. They are his “favorite” (his word).

All in all my only complaints are that the regular price of these boots in on the steep side, and they are not made in America as I prefer to buy Alaska or USA made if I can to support our economy.


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