Salem Teacher Arrested for Burning Student– Bullshit

tesla burn studentI love the trending feature on Facebook, it always alerts me to the most ridiculous crap people are worked up about today. One such headline, “Teacher burns student with Tesla coil.” OK, yeah, that sounds pretty hardcore, I mean, he burned someone’s child. Then you read the story, and you want to slap the parent, the reporters, and all these idjits who shared the story without reading it.

What actually happened was a teacher attempted to actually make science interesting—arrest that man! After a tesla-coil demonstration Mr. Dufner pointed out the coil could also be used to burn temporary marks into the skin and it only tickled, which, in my opinion, is pretty damn cool and likely engaged those kids post haste. He asked for volunteers, you know, when you willingly participate in something, and he got some. Apparently, some mom did not find this experiment as damn cool as I did, despite the message reading, “I <3 Mom.”—Good ole Mr. Dufner even thought of Mother’s day, and it landed him in jail. This poor teacher actually had to pay 2K bail to get out of jail for this. Charges have been dropped now, but last was printed he was suspended from his job and now his horrible mug shot is a viral Internet sensation cause aint nobody got time to read the real story—or maybe they do…

If one mom was mad enough to press charges, who’s to say people didn’t actually read this and also not agree this

Look at that horrendous burn!

Look at that horrendous burn!

was damn cool? And thinking about that made it more relevant to me. I mean I don’t know Mr. Dufner, his misery is just an eh, that’s messed up moment, until I considered the message we’re sending here.

I’m of the strong opinion accountability is one responsibility parents are seriously skipping these days. So many kids out there believe that their actions do not bring on reactions. They think they can do whatever the hell they want because their entitled to do so and if what they want to do is wrong, it isn’t their fault. So, where this pissed parent should have been shaking her finger at her kid—though really, what was so bad about a temporary love note on his/her arm? She jumps up, presses charges, and proves to her kid that a voluntary choice, a decision that kid made, was someone else’s fault. Sheltered. We’re raising a generation of sheltered twits, who have no reason to take weight before they take action, who have either no confidence in themselves or so much they’re just huge assholes, and that is concerning. Gods forbid anyone, anywhere, try to teach our children anything…

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