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second pregnancy differences

Being pregnant for the second time is sort of like buying a particular wine you’ve tried before. You say confidently to yourself, “I’ve tried this before, I know how it is.” Only to find no wine is the same every time. The same goes with pregnancy, second, third or seventh no pregnancy will be identical to the other.

If this isn’t your first pregnancy you may find yourself wondering through your air of old-hat what will be different this pregnancy round, and honestly it would be impossible for me to sit here and tell you exactly what will be different, simply that it will be. For example, my first pregnancy was basically symptomless if you subtract the sixty pounds of basket-ball belly, and my second pregnancy has been plagued with back ache and fatigue. I know others who have had horrific first pregnancies only to have them sail smooth the second time.

What I do know is there are a few physical and emotional circumstances caused by multiple pregnancies that make certain differences likely to occur and that is what I’m going to share here, because being prepared for what to come always makes it easier.

Bigger and fatter, faster:

The first change I noticed with my second pregnancy was I gained weight and showed faster, however, as my pregnancy progressed I gained less than I did the first round. Explanation? In your first pregnancy your abdominal walls and uterus become ever so accustom to stretching as your whale of a size at forty weeks demonstrates, so unless your next pregnancy is a substantial amount of time after the first or last, these things have less stand up to the pressure and as soon as that baby starts growing, plop, pregnant bump. Your body also recognizes what the flood of hormones pregnancy causes are and responds accordingly with weight gain earlier than the first round when it went, OI! What is all this? What do I do?!? Bleoooorgh… *morning sickness* okay, so that may have been an exaggeration, but you get my point.

A difference in symptoms:

Now granted this paragraph is my hypothesis based on observation and I have no scientific proof to cite here below for your pregnancy reading pleasure, but I have noticed that women who tend to have major period fall out, I mean PMS from hell, tend to have more severe hormonal pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and nausea in their first pregnancy, and then their second pregnancy goes far smoother. Women who show little change during PMS tend to have easy pregnancies in general, and both women will show more physical symptoms depending on the time frame between pregnancies. Myself for example becoming pregnant when my current son was only four months could explain my backache and fatigue. How do I rationalize this observation?
I’d say that women who experience extreme PMS symptoms do so because of sensitivity to hormonal imbalances. These same women would probably see havoc when starting birth control also. Pregnancy being a big-time hormonal imbalance then would affect these women more severely and as their body becomes more accustomed less so the second pregnancy. The women who aren’t sensitive to hormonal imbalances notice very little pregnancy symptoms ever unless it’s due to strain on the body.

That’s a cheap crack at guessing how your second pregnancy may affect you physically, though only that first jab about weight gain is proven. Most women show about one month earlier in their second pregnancy.

Time flies when you’re catching spaghetti:

The second biggest change I’ve noticed in my second pregnancy is that time flies. My first pregnancy seemed to take ages, and this time POW, wow I’m twenty-how many weeks already? This seems to be a common theme among second pregnancies because well, you’re busy with the first baby still unless your second pregnancy is 18 years later.

Some women also feel guilty about this, as if they are less attached to the second baby because they didn’t write six journals and have five pregnancy calendar subscriptions. I would not say that this indicates less love, just less time to do nothing but sit around and think about how that baby is coming. I personally still kept and keep a pregnancy journal with my second pregnancy; I don’t think having one child means you won’t want to remember the special aspects of a second. Just as every pregnancy is different so is every child.

Emotionally speaking myself and to many other second-time pregos (I hear we’re called that) I’ve found that feeling that you may have less attention for the second baby is also common. As if you used all your good love on the first baby. After awhile this pregnancy apprehension passed. I realized that though, yes at times I wondered if my parents loved my older siblings just a touch more, I loved having siblings more than a touch and I always knew my parents loved us all regardless of which popped out first.

Just as you had fears and anxieties you had to work through on your first pregnancy, you’ll have a whole new batch for round two.

A fun finale:

As a last closing difference, which I can confirm now being a mom of three, is that second time labors are typically faster, easier and less painful. However I do know women who by far did not have an easier second labor, but there is hope, it was true for me.

Congratulations on another bundle of love and good luck.

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9 thoughts on “Second Pregnancy Differences

  • Jessica

    Hey there! I wanted to update you as I’m finally pregnant!
    I’ve been posting in the bleeding during early pregnancy boards!
    My LMP was 2-25-16 and I started Clomid on 2-27-16. I got my BFP on 3-20-16. I went in today for my first appointment. There are 2 gestational sacs, one with fetal pole, one without. The transvaginal U/S didn’t show any heartbeats. The abdominal one they did after that (like an hour and a half later) they saw a heartbeat in Baby A.
    Now they’re doing another one on Monday of next week.
    I am concerned, although my doctor wasn’t, because I’m measuring 9 days behind where I should based on LMP but the date I got my BFP with their new EDD would have put me at 2 weeks 1 days pregnant then. Does any of this sound bad? They said there’s like a 37% chance Baby B will be okay and a 63% chance Baby B will vanish. I’m trying to stay positive. They’re pretty insistent my levels are rising fairly well, but they’re going on clear blue weeks estimator consistently measuring me at 3+ weeks past ovulation which they generally don’t do unless you’re producing more than 4000 mIU/ml of HcG

    • Jessica

      Oh, also, my symptoms with this one are tender breasts, morning sickness for about 3 hours a night (usually just nausea, and it’s not every day, but 5/7 days with a headache too- which is common. I have migraines when not pregnant) and then I’ve had some backaches and abdominal aches and pains – along with awful constipation. All of which is also super normal for me – sciatica and I have constipation normally. But basically my symptoms are increasing. Other pregnancies I only really had sore breasts and exhaustion – with my MC especially I was exhausted.

    • unwirklich admin

      Congrats! To explain some of what’s confusing you, when they are saying “2 weeks 1 day” they likely mean the baby measured 2 weeks and 1, not you are 2 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Pregnancy is counted from the first day of active bleeding on your last period. So at 2 weeks 1 day, you would be ovulating. A baby that is measuring 2 weeks 1 day in size would correlate to about 6 weeks pregnant (which is just right for a sac and fetal pole with heart beat btw) From 2/25 6 weeks would have been the 7th (just 4 days off), to me that sounds like it lines up about right with your LMP, keeping in mind ovulation can fluctuate a bit and may not necessarily have landed mid-cycle and implantation time can also vary a bit.

      As far as the heart beats, with such an early scan it is possible both babies will develop, but then vanishing twin is actually quite common, more so with clomid because you’re more likely to conceive twins in the first place. Now, I do hope, and I mean seriously hope, that your doctor is not using clearblue tests to track your hCG levels. Those tests can be affected by all sorts of things. That would literally be no better than using a typical line stick and trying to watch lines darken. I mean it’s a great sign they keep saying the same thing, but a real hCG blood test would tell you a lot more. With that method you could be dropping and just not drop below the threshold, which isn’t to scare you, to me it sounds like your pregnancy is progressing just fine, just that those tests are not a very good way to be keeping track of hCG levels if they feel that’s necessary. They may just be doing it for your comfort, and CLearblue is a lot cheaper than blood tests. lol

      Anyway, book cut short, I hope that your pregnancy is an easy one and you hear good news on Monday.

      • Jessica

        They actually basically just said I’m measuring 9 days behind where I should (i should be 6 weeks 4 days) but am measuring at 5 weeks 2 days. No, they are not actually testing my beta levels. They’re having me use them (CB with weeks estimator) and I’m being reimbursed for them- to make sure I don’t suddenly drop by an extreme amount. What I mean by 2 weeks 1 day is based off their new EDD when I did test positive would have only placed me very early (2 weeks 1 day). They’ve also had me on progesterone since I found out.
        But one baby, like I mentioned, had the sac and the pole – my first ultrasound tech spent like 2 minutes in there and didn’t pick up even a flicker of a heartbeat, but the second one used an abdominal and she did find one although not sure exactly on BPM because apparently her little handheld doesn’t tell her that. Trying to remain optimistic. 🙂 thank you for the GL I need it.

        • unwirklich admin

          Ohhh, well to my understanding twins often measure a bit behind because there are two and the body has more to grow, but it isn’t something I know a ton about. I’ve never heard of dating based on a positive test. You can get a positive test anywhere from like 8 days after ovulation up until levels become too high for a pregnancy test to handle or begin to fall later in pregnancy. But if you were having trouble ovulating, and the clomid helped there, it is possible you ovulated a bit late and so implanted a bit late and your due date would be off a bit. Abdominal ultrasounds aren’t as sensitive as tranvaginal, if she found a heart beat so early abdominally, that’s a good sign.

          • Jessica

            My biggest concern is that they found a heartbeat abdominally (so they say) but not transvaginally an hour before. My concern is that ONE of those was wrong.
            I’m just trying to stay positive. I had some spotting today, but I’m not overly concerned because she really was rough with her wand yesterday and then I had to insert my progesterone.
            Here’s a fun fact: they didn’t take my HCG or my progesterone levels ! I was shocked when I heard that when I called to see what they were.

          • unwirklich admin

            That is very strange being they have you on progesterone. Though it may be because they can’t really do anything if your hcg at least was going down. If they found a heart beat, they probably also counted the beats, etc, you can’t really think you found one and not 🙂 It more likely the first tech just didn’t try very hard. The little beans are sooo small this early.

          • Jessica

            Just an update: they had me hit the ER last night because the first ultrasound tech wielded her wand like a light saber and I ended up with spotting.
            They found that both babies have a fetal pole measuring at 6 weeks 5 days, one has a gestational sac of 5 weeks 4 days and a heart rate of 165 and the other has a gestational sac measuring 5 weeks 3 days and a heart rate of 127.
            They said there’s no reason that this wouldn’t have showed up on Monday if the tech has known what she was doing and spent time looking for stuff.
            So all good news.

          • unwirklich admin

            Yay! That all sounds entirely normal to me, and honestly, you might complain about the tech. roughing up the cervix enough to cause spotting in someone high risk is not cool especially when she made you think you’d lost one twin. I wouldn’t be going back at the very least, I know that. I hope you have a smooth pregnancy from here on out. I’ve never had twins, but I hear it’s twice the fun lol