StickerKid: The Answer to School Label Woes

stickerkid name labelsI love living in a small town, but it does have its downsides, like for instance the limited shopping options. Having kids in school, this means there is not just a chance, but a guarantee at least one (likely more like five) other kids are going to have the same water bottle, lunch bag, snow pants, etc. as my kids do unless I shop online. The teachers send letters home all the time about labeling your kids things, which doesn’t seem too hard until you consider snow pants are usually black and things like water bottles get washed so often even permie washes away. Considering all of the above, I was pretty hyped when StickerKid contacted me for a review. I had never heard of them, and it turns out they make stickers which can be customized with your child’s name and a little picture that are dishwasher safe and really durable. They also make iron on labels for cloth items and high-quality wall decals. Certainly sounded like an answer to my school-labeling woes…

They sent over a gift certificate for me to try some of their labels, so I ordered two sets of the round labels—one for each school aged kid I have.The ordering process is very simple. You select the sticker, select an image (or no image), enter your text, and background color all from convenient pulldowns which update a preview of your sticker, and then check out. They offer a wide-range of colors, fonts, and images.

My stickers arrived rather quickly, I believe it was about 4 days between my order and arrival even being in Alaska where our mail is typically slower. I received my whole order, plus an extra sheet as one of my image/background combinations was kind of funky. I choose a grey silly monster on a black background, because one of my boys really likes black. Whoever printed the stickers felt this was a mistake, and I got a third sheet with a blue background to fix the problem, which wasn’t actually a problem, but that they went that extra step to fix what they thought was a problem rather than just sending what they thought was a poor sticker says a lot for their customer service.

The stickers are nice and thick and you can see they are coated to prevent wear and damage, not just cheap little paper stickers that have your kid’s name on them.

The excess stickers actually made me stumble on what was apparently a cool use for these. My kindergartener had come home crying because he didn’t want to miss his friends over the summer. I let him use the extra sticker sheet that had his name and number on it to give them to the friends he wanted to stay in touch with. I got numerous calls from parents giving me contact info who also told me how cool the sticker-contact-info idea was.

The other two sheets I used for what I intended to—to label things. Before I wrote this review I gave these stickers some time to be washed and kid-abused to see how well they stood up, because that’s the real test right? The ones I placed on water bottles were washed daily for 2 weeks in the dishwasher, on top of often being emptied and refilled during the day by young kids resulting in frequent moisture. Both stickers still look like new. I placed one in each shoe of both of our boys—which run a lot—and those also still look great. I placed one on the inside of their snow pants too. Now the stickers I ordered are not designed for cloth, but I stuck them to the stitched-in tag area which is a different sort of fabric and have washed them once now, they came out fine. So in cases, the regular non-iron on stickers will work on cloth.

Overall, I would order from StickerKid again, at least as soon as I have more things that need labeling. If you’d like to give StickerKid a try and let me know what you thought, they’ve generously offered to do a $20 Stickerkid gift certificate giveaway. Just like their Facebook page and let me know you did to enter.

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