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pumpkin pie thankgiving dessertsConfession time, I don’t even like turkey, but I love Thanksgiving, and my favorite part about Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving desserts. While I have the occasional inspiration that leads to some new recipe, for the most part, I’m a Pintrest and Yummly sort of mom, so in the interest of thankfulness, I’d like to share a recipe round-up of the most drool-worthy recipes for Thanksgiving desserts I’ve encountered yet.

Thanksgiving desserts: Pumpkin pie

There really is no dessert that screams Thanksgiving quite like the classic and dearly loved pumpkin pie, hence it is the first stop on my Thanksgiving desserts recipe round-up. For this category I choose a dozy from With over 1,400 reviews and a nearly 5 star rating, this homemade pie boasts a 15-minute prep time making it an easy addition to any Thanksgiving menu. Reviewers recommend heating the pumpkin filling and spices in a pan prior to baking for a more straight-from-the-pumpkin-patch flavor.

Speaking of pie, at my family’s Thanksgiving we have an entire table just for this menu section. If that’s the case for your family too, here’s a few other pie variety recipe winners for yoblueberry pie thanksgiving dessertsur Thanksgiving desserts.

Apple pie from BrownEyedBaker (I recommend a simple sparkling cider drizzle for this, mix ¼ cup sparkling apple cider with 1 ½ cups powdered sugar)

Pecan pie from the Pioneer Woman

Triple Berry Cheesecake from our archives

Blueberry pie from Katy Did Bake it (An amazing pie from a rather young baker)

Thanksgiving desserts: Cobblers

A close second to pie for the lazy baker, cobbler can be an excellent Thanksgiving dessert alternative if you suck at crusts. Your Homebased Mom offers an excellent easy recipe for berry cobblers and for apple, peach and beyond look on over to BakeaholicMama.

cranberry cookies thanksgiving dessertsThanksgiving desserts: Cookies

Alright, finally, maybe most people don’t think of cookies when they think of Thanksgiving desserts—pie kind of dominates that visual, but for meals with kids, cookies can be a clean easy alternative that doesn’t force you to haul your bloated butt off the couch when they want someone to serve seconds.

I strongly recommend these holiday-fitting selections:

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies from Naturally Ella
Gingersnaps from Real Mom Kitchen
Eggnog Cookies from I Heart Naptime


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