4 Spring Yard Safety Checks for Kids

Spring is finally nearly here. For many happy parents that means many happy kids get more outside time. However, spring can bring more to yards than children. Each year there are few safety checks you should consider before giving your kids free range to roam the yard– even with supervision.spring safety checks

Trash check:

Especially in areas where there’s heavy snow, all sorts of treasures end up trapped in the layers, and then on the ground after the melt off. The wind, animals, or just careless humans could have left some not-so-kid-friendly gifts in your yard over the winter season. Take some time to walk around your yard and pick up the mess in early spring to avoid icky finds by your kiddos.

Plant check:

Next, spring means new growth. Pretty much no matter where you live there are toxic native plants along with some that are just a bit dangerous thanks to pokey protection. While you pick up that trash, and throughout the year, keep an eye out for species of plants that are poisonous to the touch or if ingested– mushrooms are a common culprit. Also watch for plants that may not be poison, but could be dangerous.

For example, a new raspberry bush may require a bit of fencing or a precautionary lesson to avoid pricked fingers or even bee stings as they commonly attract buzzing friends. It’s always best to know what’s living in your child’s play area from plants to wildlife. If you’re not familiar with the toxic plant species in your area, this is valuable safety information. It may also prove helpful some day in a survival situation.

Puddle check:

While a muddy spot or puddle in most cases isn’t deadly–well, unless you have a lake like my yard gets–it’s good to know where they are so you can direct play away from them, invest in water boots if needed, or make efforts to drain them if necessary. Evaluating water sources on your property also makes it easier to eliminate some to cut down on mosquitoes.

Damage check:

Finally, chances are you have some outdoor play equipment or perhaps corralling methods such as fences. Look over all your yard goods for possible damages such as fence holes or broken play equipment that could prove dangerous. A good wash-out is advised as well. Spiders, bees, and other bug buddies sometimes begin to build nests in stored toys in the spring and throughout the summer.

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