7 Things I Want My Kids to Know

Above all live with honor.
Honor isn’t something that belongs in fairy tales and books. It’s not a knight’s code in a silly sci-fi movie. Honor is doing what you know to be right even if everyone else is telling you it’s wrong. Honor is standing up for the little things in life no matter how small. It’s being strong even when you’re scared and always telling the truth even if it hurts. Honor is your heart, always follow it.

Never assume you know everything.
As long as you live you’ll never know everything worth knowing so never stop looking and learning. When you’re young the popular crowd may put up the perception that to be intelligent and care is nerdy or stupid, but someday they’ll regret it. Even the smallest decisions you make in life have the power to change everything. Be humble, seek wisdom, and never treat others in a way you wouldn’t wish to be treated.

Everyone has a lesson to teach.
There will be people in your life that you view as fools, remember that for every person there is someone else that thinks them foolish. You too are a fool if you fail to learn something from everyone whether they intentionally offer that lesson or not. Don’t ignore the opinions of young or old based on age, ugly or beautiful based on aesthetics, powerful or poor based on status. Under our chosen clothes and genetic skins we’re all just human.

Recognize that value isn’t monetary.
It’s easy to get caught up in money and status symbols, but when the world is dust and bones none of that will matter. Value the things in life that make you happy, let the things you need make you happiest, and your joy will always out shine your sorrow. Know that without sorrow you couldn’t know joy-embrace both to find equilibrium in your existence.

Nothing lasts forever.

Don’t hold grudges you wouldn’t take to the grave, because you might. The only thing you have to do in this life is die, the rest is choice so choose wisely, love truly, and don’t take advantage of the time you have and share with others.

Don’t forget where you stand.
The earth is our most precious resource. Don’t forget that your home is bigger than the stick construct you own or seek to own. If you expect it to last until the end of your residency, you better take care of it.

Someone loves you.
Finally, when your honor hazily fogs into arrogance and risk floats by in its wind, remember that someplace there is somebody who loves you; somebody that would suffer your loss. Take risk with caution, but don’t be so cautious as not to live.

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