Birth Control Weight Gain: Can It Be Avoided?

Supposedly, science has proven that birth control does not make women gain weight. As a woman who began taking the pill without any dietary and exercise changes and suddenly gained 15 pounds, and then just as suddenly lost that weight when I ceased taking the pill, I must disagree. However, that doesn’t change that I have four kids, one of which is a newborn, and I do not want a fifth pregnancy right now. While I realize getting pregnant makes you gain more weight than any birth control, I still would prefer not be 15 pounds heavier. This left me with a question many women have, “Can birth control weight gain be avoided?”birth control weight gain

First, what might cause birth control weight gain?

Studies aside, birth control options such as the pill and the depo-shot contain hormones. Those hormones are going to affect every woman differently. Some women may lose weight, others may gain, and some may have no change at all.

This goes for any possible effect of hormonal imbalance, because if your hormone balance was normal for you prior to taking birth control, you imbalanced it by opting for hormone-based options. To support this, women who had a severe hormonal imbalance prior to pregnancy, such as that caused by PCOS, are those that usually lose weight on hormonal birth control, as they are “balanced” by the pill.

So, how can you avoid birth control weight gain?

Your only safe bet is to choose options that don’t rely on hormones to prevent pregnancy. This would include male and female condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms and other cervical shields, spermicides, and contraceptive sponges. You can also opt for natural planning methods, where you avoid sex while ovulating. However, this method’s effectiveness hinges on your ability to pinpoint when you’re fertile. None of these options have any chance of birth control weight gain.

Some IUDs also don’t implement hormones. Though some women report weight gain even with the non-hormonal IUD, so this would fall into a try-it-and-see category. I’ll also note that hormone options, such as the pill, mini-pill, patch, and vaginal ring, have different hormone balances. You may find that some hormone-based options don’t alter your weight, while others do. For example, I used the regular birth control pill without birth control weight gain, while the mini-pill did cause weight gain for me. Keep in mind that not all options are safe while breast feeding, and, as a side note, breast feeding does not prevent pregnancy.

I’m not saying it’s a fact that any method of birth control will make you gain weight, as noted studies actually disagree on this point. The above is simply a logic-based look at sure-fire no weight gain methods of preventing pregnancy and some explanation as to why others may.

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