Brainy Kit: A Subscription Box for Kids

Brainy KitYou know what I love? Entrepreneur parents. I was recently contacted by Viktoria Altman, one such entrepreneur—a New York mom of two who was launching a new educational product called Brainy Kit aimed at Montessori home schoolers. Now, my gremlins are not home schooled or in Montessori, but I said I’d give it a try anyway, because honestly, it sounded like a damn cool idea.

What is Brainy Kit?

You know those monthly box subscriptions that seem to be gaining popularity for everything from dog toys to geek gear? Brainy Kit is one of those, but filled with super cool educational kits for kids. The kit I was sent was the Polar Kit—fitting being I actually live in Alaska. My kit contained:

-A full lesson plan with activities involving the items in the box
-Little plastic animals, eskimo men, and an igloo
-A first reader’s book, “Amazing Artic Animals”
-A ton of stickers
-Pretend snow
-Glue and a walrus craft
-Laminated animal cards
-A laminated Polar Animal chart
– A real wood Penguin puzzle
-a cardboard jigsaw puzzle

The kits are $39.95 a month or you can buy a particular kit, possibly to give it a try, for $49.95. All the items in the box are really high quality. For example, the little plastic figurines were very detailed and reminded me of Schleich products which sell for like $5 per figurine, and my kit had 12 figurines, so I find that price is quite fair.DSCF6651

How’d the kids like it?

First, my kids were super excited to get mail at all. In a digital age lots of kids don’t really get actual paper mail anymore. I think they enjoyed having something that was for them in our mailbox just as much as the contents of the box.

I let them just sort of look through what was inside to see how they reacted. They didn’t dig the fake snow until we did the activity with it later or the walrus craft, but they played with everything else in the box—they even fought a bit over who got what as boys often do.

The activities were all easy to do with well thought-out instructions. The kids had a blast and asked a ton of questions, which to me says they were engaged and learning. I’m not sure as a busy mom of four I’d have time to do all the activities, every month, but I could see this being a great supplement to homeschooled kid’s curriculum, especially because it comes with everything you need. On the other hand, my kids are still playing with the figurines now about 2 months later (I had a baby and it sort of delayed my review). They integrated them beautifully into their regular play and aside from the snow, walrus craft, and cardboard puzzle, all the items in the box stood up to that test of time with some of the most destructive kids on the planet (I suspect). To me that’s what really makes Brain Kit a winner. These aren’t just kits you’ll use until the activities are done and your $40 is down the drain, or cheap little things your kids break that land in the bottom of the toy bin taking up space until the next toy sort. They are quality and educational goodies that last and at least my kids actually played with. I’d much rather pay $40 for that than some Power Ranger thing or something they just had to have at our local store.

If you’d like to check Brainy Kit out (they have more than just the Polar kit now) they can be found at

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