Fitness Blender Review

When I decided to take a DNA test, the last thing I thought it would help me do was lose weight. I ordered my test from AncestryDNA pretty much for curiosities sake and ran my raw DNA through a medical risk profile just for funsies. One of the hits that report brought up showed, statistically, people with my genes only lose weight on low carb diets with HIT (high intensity interval) workouts. So, I thought, what do I have to lose—besides like 20 lbs—and Googled HIT workout programs. The one I settled on was called, “Fitness Blender.”

If you haven’t heard of them, Fitness Blender offers free full-length workout videos, many of which are HIT combos. They also have full workout calendars available for purchase. I purchased their 8-week Fat Loss program, and liked it enough to do a review here on Life with Gremlins. Please note that I have no affiliation with Fitness Blender. This was not a sponsored review.

What I liked about Fitness Blender:

The workout calendar program has 8 weeks of different videos. Each day you log in, click the date, and are linked a warm up, main workout, and cool down. There are also commonly extra credit videos if you need a little extra burn. The variety keeps things from getting boring, and unlike some programs such as P90X, the videos are all around 30 minutes long. This all made it easy for me, as a mother of four, to actually complete the program, which is a huge bonus.

The instructors are also not super annoying and are easy to relate to. It feels like they are struggling with you, which I suppose is a personal opinion, but if you’ve ever tried to complete a workout program where the instructor drives you nuts, personality counts.

What I don’t like about Fitness Blender:

When I first started Fitness Blender, and wrote this review, there was no way to pause or reschedule a workout in your calendar, so if you missed a day, you just had to either skip it, or remember your calendar is a day behind. I suppose that was a small qualm really, but was sort of obnoxious being the whole point of paying $6-$15 for a program was the ease of just clicking the date and doing the video for that day. However, sometime in late 2017 they revamped their website, and I had to edit this post. Now you can pause and reschedule a workout, which eliminates the only thing I didn’t like about the site.

So now, I don’t have any complaints. Enough so I’ve done all four of their 8-week programs for busy people, some multiple times, and am still using them today over a year after I wrote this review.

Did Fitness Blender work?

I suppose that’s the biggest question. Below is my weight chart from before and after (as you can see I was working on postpartum weight loss). I included a bit before the program to show the weight-loss rate change. You can see I was slowly dropping weight before the program, and went back to a similar rate when I stopped. I lost 7 lbs total in 8 weeks.

fitness blender review

I also shed 3 inches off my waist. It was a noticeable difference. I was not dieting, and didn’t do extra workouts.

fitness blender review

I think that the reason Fitness Blender works is that it gives you this set time frame—this thing to check off your list each day. Literally, the website has those feel-good “work out complete” check marks you get to check—rather than you trying to fit in exercise and maybe cutting it short some days. For me, I said, “I will do all the required videos every day, start to finish,” and it was easier for me to keep that commitment than to say, “I’ll work out every day.”

Sadly, I hit a wall with my weight loss and while continued Fitness Blender programs seemed to be helping my endurance, flexibility, and toned what wasn’t covered in fat, I stopped losing. Then life happened, I got out of the habit of exercising daily (well, actually a college calculus class happened, and I suck so hard at math that took all of my time). Stress eating and lowered activity caused my weight to jump back up to about 150 lbs. I am currently on the Keto diet (down 17 lbs in 3 months!) and have just added Fitness Blender back into my routine. I will be posting a diet+Fitness Blender comparison for this Fitness Blender only review in about, well, 8 weeks, as well as a Keto diet alone vs Keto diet with exercise comparison.

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