Halloween Treats: Dark Chocolate Spider Cake

hallowen spider cakeAfter opting to use my cool new 3D skull cake pan to make meatloaf head, I still had to make cake for our Halloween party—because what’s a party without cake? I’m not gonna lie here, I may make a tasty cake, but they are often less than beautiful. I am not the artistic type, so I wanted to do something that looked cool, but required exceptionally little effort. I settled on a spider web design using dark chocolate ganache and white chocolate drizzle. The result was not only delicious, but looked deceivingly professional.

How can you fake your friends into thinking you got cake deco skills too?

First, bake a cake. This would look just as nice in rounds, I just used a 13 X 9 because it was a party with lots of cake lovers. My cake was my own brand of cheater. I used boxed Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownie mix and red velvet mix.

If you opt for this as well, first make the brownie mix as directed, but add 3 eggs rather than 2 and milk rather than water. In a separate bowl, mix the red velvet also with milk rather than water. Swirl the two mixes together in your pan and bake at 350 degrees until a toothpick comes out clean.

I used cheesecake pudding between my layers, but you could also do a cream cheese filing or homemade cheesecake if you have more time than this mom of 4.

While your cake cools heat 1 cup heavy cream over medium heat. Once bubbles begin to form (not quite boiling) pour over dark chocolate chips and stir until creamy before beating on high to fluff. Frost cake with this.

Repeat these steps with ½ cup heavy cream and white chocolate. Place into drizzle bottle and just sort of draw lines all over the place on the cake. Bam, webbing. Now just top with some plastic spiders.

halloween spider cake

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