I Still Stand With Planned Parenthood

As a mother of four living children who has also actually suffered multiple miscarriages—meaning I have actually held the product of an involuntary first-trimester abortion, one of my children, in the palm of my hand—I can still say without hesitation, “I stand with Planned Parenthood.”plannedparenthood abortions

I know, at first glance this whole Planned Parenthood video leak situation sound pretty horrible. I mean they are selling baby body parts (with the mother’s permission), it’s like organ donors that make a profit (then use that profit to help others), and— wait, organ donors are good guys aren’t they? It seems most people see the words “baby” and “organs,” and they just block out everything else, particularly the facts.

Like how about that only 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s funding actually goes to abortions. The other 97 percent goes to providing safe contraception and sex education to prevent abortion. It goes to STD screening, treatment and education, cancer testing, and other societally helpful health services. Those monsters! Oh, but you don’t want your taxes paying for those 3%? Well, that’s OK, because factually no government funding is used for abortions.

Funding aside, even if you don’t support abortion, you support life, right? How do you think the medical field makes advances? How do you think that they learn how to save babies, full-term babies? Research. Research that needs materials. I wonder if anyone could, “supply human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers around the world…” that would be pretty great, as long as they could safely find tissue to supply, from like, aborted fetuses that would otherwise just be disposed of…but—babies—organs—profit! Say you?

Let’s get all hypothetical on this. Say, a girl scout comes to your door, wants you to bake 500 cookies, and assuming you can bake, those cookies will be sold to the cookie-loving masses so the profit can be donated to save starving children—ahhhh, who could say no to that? But crap, you can’t afford to bake 500 cookies for free, baking cookies costs money. What can be done? Most might ask for money to cover the cost of baking the cookies. It would probably be considered selling to some, but hey, those cookies are helping starving children down the line—cookies at a small cost are better than no cookies.

Now, fetal tissue is not cookies, most definitely not, but when you switch fetal tissue for something less controversial, less emotion-evoking, like cookies are (for most), you can really see how silly this whole thing is. You have tissue that would otherwise be wasted being sold to cover the expense of its creation, which is then used to save lives. Bottom line, that’s it. It’s not about your religion or your feelings about abortion, it’s about saving lives. It’s about taking something that is already lost and using it to better the world. And you want to picket that?

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