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I see at least a few posts every year— “Happy father’s day mothers!” What? Usually something is added about single moms to make that actually make sense—to someone, somewhere, apparently. But you know, no matter how much you do or do not do for your children, if you have a vagina, you are not a father. You are a mother, and you have your own damn holiday. Apparently, Hallmark even made some mother’s father’s day cards.

father's day single moms

I’m a single mom, but perhaps I’m just missing the part where it’s harder if you don’t have a penis. Interestingly enough, it appears the male part of the parenting equation has been getting the short end of the stick in regards to holidays for a long time.

Did you know that mother’s day became an official holiday in 1914, but it took 58 years for fathers to get the same recognition? Yeah, and even after they did, many disdained the day feeling it improper to “domesticate” men by offering them gifts for doing sissy, kid-faring junk. If it wasn’t for the commercial need for the holiday during the depression, there probably wouldn’t be a father’s day at all. At one point people were so pissed off about father’s day they were willing to sacrifice mother’s day (which has always been well received) by implementing a “parent’s day” just to get rid of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually a fan of mother’s or father’s day. I think you should appreciate and show appreciation for your parents every day, not just when the calendar tells you to, but if we’re going to insist on having these holidays to honor our mothers and fathers we can at least do it right. Just because one parent is doing the job of two does not make that parent suddenly a dad and a mom. I don’t really find the assertion that there are tasks one can do that make one a father or a mother amusing. In my opinion, the responsibilities and definitions of both words are identical save one difference, and that’s gender.

Personally, I think celebrating moms on father’s day is also sort of a slap in the face to all the fathers who are there for their kids. Can you imagine if you were partyin’ it up at your birthday and someone whose birthday it indeed was not came in and all your guests were like, “Woah, woah, woah, this is this guys special day now” and gave away your damn cake? You’d be pissed. Everyone gets serious ‘bout some cake, but once you were done raging at the loss of baked happiness, you’d be so sad, feel so devalued. But, nobody would do that, that would be rude, kind of like celebrating something besides fathers on father’s day—you get me?

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