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Here at Life with Gremlins, one of our most commented posts is “Period While Pregnant” followed by “Implantation Bleeding or Period?” Sadly, many of those commenters never return to say if they were or were not pregnant. I’ve designed this page to have success or failure stories as a well as an inactive poll which, hopefully, will give us a better idea how often women experience bleeding during pregnancy or have late/early/light bleeding and end up pregnant. The last thing we want to do with the information on this site is provide false hope or unnecessary worry. We also have a page that covers actual research done on the prevalence of bleeding during pregnancy. Based on this information, it’s believed about 1 in 4 women experience bleeding in pregnancy.bleeding while pregnant poll

The effectiveness of this page depends on a few things.

-User interaction. I can’t do this without you.
-Honesty. If results tallied here are inaccurate, the page will also be inaccurate. Please only submit confirmed positives or negatives, not “I think I was….”

I would love to see more than just poll responses and get actual stories in the comment section for more detail.

Things such as:

-When was the bleeding? Was it before you got a positive test? After?
-Did you determine the reason for the bleeding?
-How long after the bleeding did your get a positive test?
-If you had bleeding and weren’t pregnant, did you find the reason behind your symptoms?

All comments are moderated, meaning your story may not pop up right away.  We use Jetpack comments here, and you can choose to submit anonymously. You can even put in a nonsense fake email, and it will post just fine.

Multiple answers are permitted to allow voting all at once for multiple pregnancies.

If you choose to submit here, I want to thank you in advance for helping others in their journey to conception.  I apologize for being unaware that the poll on this page had gone kaput for a time. As a result all prior responses were lost 🙁 The comments from those posters are still here below thankfully.

Did you exerperience bleeding during your pregnancy?
20 votes · 75 answers

When viewing the result of this poll please keep in mind that this is not a scientific study. Results may be skewed by the fact answers are self-reported and women who have had bleeding during pregnancy may also be more likely to click into a link like this to vote (they’ve been there, and can relate to the wonder). This is not to say the information is worthless, but that it should be taken into consideration there are limitations to its accuracy.

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Pls doctor I saw my period on 12 April till 4 days,unprotected sex during 22-24th of April.
So today been 25 April I saw drop of blood .pls doctor any problem for the blood dropping? Cos I don’t understand.


Hello. My full cycle started March 16, 2019, and I was suppose to have another cycle April 11th, but I didn’t, I just had small amount of brown discharge that lasted one day. Today is April 20, 2019 and I still haven’t had a cycle. I took a test but they were all negative. Can someone explain to me why this is?? or how should I calculate my dates? Thanks in advance.


Hi! I’m 21, previous miscarriage on April 19th at 4wks 4 days. I’ve been nauseous, tingling breasts, itchy stomach, white dots around boobs, feels like knots in boobs, they were swollen, cravings, vivid dreams, super fatigue, my food feeling like it’s in my chest or right in my esophagus, heightened sense of smell, bloated, headaches, aversions since the 12th of July. Last cycle was seven days (according to my Ovia app) and was from June 29th-July 3rd. We tried about 10 times from the 28 of June up until the 24th of July. Well, Saturday, July 28 I started bleeding.… Read more »