5 Tips to Help Kids Wake Up in the Morning

Your blanket can’t save you..

Who knows who decided stuff like school and work needed to start so freakin’ early, but it does. This means no matter how you’ve chosen to educate your kids, chances are you have to wake them up in the morning. The stereotypical vision of a parent with pots and pans being ignored by a blanket covered kid is not so far from the truth—a squirt gun works well too but brings on some screaming. The truth of this stereotype is many kids are indeed pretty hard to pry from slumber land.

If your child is one of the many, here’s a few ideas that might be a little less fun than a squirt gun, but are also quieter.

Get them on a decent sleep schedule.

If your kids aren’t getting sufficient sleep, it’s pretty logical they aren’t going to want to wake up in the morning. The single most helpful thing you can do to avoid wake-up battles, is to get your kids to bed on time with a decent sleep schedule. I have some tips on just how to do that you can read as well.

Hide the alarm.
When I was in school my dad cleverly started hiding my alarm. He often put it someplace new each day, someplace I had to actually get up and move around to get to. He also made sure my alarm was the loudest most annoying thing he could. This eliminated me going back to sleep after turning my alarm off, breaking my alarm, and redirected the I-don’t-want-to-be-up grumpiness to my alarm rather than him who would have been waking me previously.

Aint nobody got time for that

Breakfast in bed.
While not all parents have time to make a steaming pile of fruit laced waffles every morning, having some sort of food ready when your child wakes up can really help them wake up, especially if its accompanied by a cold glass of juice, milk or whatever. In fact just an ice cold drink by their bedside does wonders. If your kid can just wake up and kind of sit around when they first wake up they’ll stay groggy and grumpy longer, eating unlike showers or getting dressed is often something children want to do, so it doesn’t create one more battle it just gets a morning necessity out of the way earlier.

Play with the heat.
Some kids seem to wake up better if the house is nice and toasty, because there’s nothing appealing about a freezing house, while others find a cold house invigorating—even if it’s against their will. Experiment with different morning temperature levels and you may find one works better than the other. An automated thermostat can be a great way to crank the heat down while everyone is warm and cozy in bed, then turn it up or keep it down in the morning. These can also help reduce your utility bills.

Make it worth it.
Finally, you need to find some sort of incentive for your kids to get up in a timely manner. For me, it was my brother would get the front seat in the car or use all the hot water in the shower if I didn’t hurry my butt up. For you, you may add it to your chore list which offers some reward for completion, or find some natural enticement like the one I mentioned above that you just need to point out to your child. Your goal either way is to make getting up more appealing than sleeping.

How do you get your kids up in the morning?

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