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Raising kids unquestionably entails more than just taking care of the spawn– no, parents have much more to deal with from the necessities of cooking and cleaning to the optional, such as gardening. The content of Life with Gremlins is inspired by real life with real kids. That’s why here at Life with Gremlins you might find posts on all the above. We can’t promise the wealth of that content will be quite as bountiful as our women’s health and parenting sections, but it might be here none the less.

However, as most categories are, in fact,  pretty sparse, we don’t have individual pages for things like pet content, reviews and buying guides, weird trivia, financial, home, or gardening tips. We keep all that here in one jumbled mess like the junk drawer of Life with Gremlins. Which isn’t to suggest any of our content is junk (we’re kind of awesome), just we don’t know where else to put it so we shoved it somewhere–somewhere being here.

If you’re looking for something in particular, feel free to use our handy-dandy search option instead. Just click that little magnifying glass at the top of the page (in the menu box if you are browsing us via mobile).

If we don’t have a post that answers your question, let us know what you want to read about, and we’ll see if we happen to know some things about that thing too. Heck, even if we don’t know a thing about it, chances are we’ll research it just for you, because we love our readers. You can chat us up via our contact form, at:, or on Facebook. We’re on Pinterest and Twitter too, but you know Pinterest isn’t much for chatting, and Twitter is just so brief. We also take carrier pigeons…

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