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Raising kids unquestionably entails more than just taking care of the spawn– no, parents have much more to deal with from the necessities of cooking and cleaning to the optional, such as gardening. The content of Life with Gremlins is inspired by real life with real kids. That’s why here at Life with Gremlins you might find posts on all of the above. We can’t promise the wealth of that content will be quite as bountiful as our women’s health and parenting sections, but it might be here none the less.



Reviews and Buying Guides section
covers product reviews and guides for shopping or saving money.

Questions Kids Ask section
covers weird stuff our kids ask us that we then have to research.

Recipes section
covers neat, tasty-noms we’ve made or tried to make that you might also like to make.

Relationships section
covers lovey-dovey stuff (or lack there of).

Home and Garden section
covers the house, the home, and the green things.
Pets section
is covered in hair, and sometimes scales….

Finance section
covers paying for all of the above.

If we don’t have a section that has you covered, let us know what you want to read about, and we’ll see if we happen to know some things about that thing too.  You can chat us up at: [email protected] or on Facebook.