Ah, the toddler years. This is a phase in the parenting timeline that can only be described as terribly fantastic– being fantastically frustrating and terribly cool at the same time. Toddlers truly personify the word, “gremlin” in many cases, so we’ve got lots of information to help you handle yours.


2 thoughts on “Toddler”

  1. Hi! Love your page, it gives me reassurance with being a new mom. I wanted to ask though, how was your baby’s speech and eating with the top 4 teeth taken out? My baby boy has to have the same pulled today and I don’t know how to feel.

    • She ate just fine (her favorite food for awhile was even apples). She is 8 now and is in speech therapy for pronunciation issues, but the therapist said the issues she has aren’t uncommon in kids her age, so it may have had nothing to do with her teeth. She was in kindergarten by time they grew in.


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