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different pregnancy symptoms

Now the proud mom of three adorable boys, I look back on my pregnancies and realize when they say, “every pregnancy is different,” they are not joking. Each pregnancy is indeed different. I was sure with my second child the different pregnancy symptoms meant I was having a girl, and I was convinced with my third that was the case, but nope, all my babies were male, and all three resulted in drastically different pregnancy experiences. My first pregnancy was basically symptom-free, minus basket-ball-shaped weight gain. My second pregnancy was plagued with constant back pain and heart burn along with gestational diabetes. My third threw the ringer at me, resulting in basically every pregnancy symptom under the sun from nausea and migraines to itchy skin and excessive thirst. The question then becomes, why is each pregnancy different?

You are different

I was 22 during my first pregnancy and 26 during my third. The primary reason pregnancy is different and you experience different pregnancy symptoms each time whether the baby is the same sex or not, is because you are different. You’ve grown older. Your hormonal balance has shifted. Your mental state isn’t the same. The time between pregnancies ensures that you will not be exactly the same in a plethora of ways, so it’s logical that your pregnancy won’t be either.

Your baby is different

My first baby weighed 7.1 lbs, my second 8.15 lbs, and my third 9.47 lbs. The first and third are both slender boys and the second is stocky and muscular. They have different skull shapes, body builds, and body chemistry. It doesn’t matter that all three are male, they are still quite different. The size and body chemistry of your baby can affect your pregnancy, likely more so than gender being that there is very little evidence to support the suggestion that your baby’s gender can cause different pregnancy symptoms in most cases.

When you consider that you and the baby are your pregnancy, and both of you are different, you would think that the drastic differences many women experience between pregnancies would be less shocking, but not really. Even after recognizing how different my first and second pregnancies were I worried throughout my third that something was wrong and convinced myself it meant I needed to think pink to rationalize the different pregnancy symptoms. My advice to those once again expecting is to take it as it comes. Treat each pregnancy like the first and you’ll be far less confused, possibly concerned, and well, disappointed if you took it as a sure-fire sign you were having a girl or boy. Just enjoy the life experience.

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3 thoughts on “Different Pregnancy Symptoms: Why is This Pregnancy Different?

  • clairewv

    This post and Paige’s comment are an answered prayer. My first pregnancy I had a good bout’ of symptoms. The second- none and miscarried. I’m now in my third pregnancy without many symptoms and just waiting for bad news. Based on your experiences, I should relax and just try to enjoy the time I have with this baby right now and to not worry, worry, worry.

    • unwirklich admin

      I’ve had multiple losses, one was missed at 12 weeks, 2 others earlier on and spontaneous. I’ve also had 4 healthy full-term pregnancies. I had everything from no symptoms at all minus the missing period to symptoms that put me in the hospital (high blood pressure). I can promise you that a lack of symptoms doesn’t increase your chance of miscarriage. Congratulations on your rainbow baby, wishing you an easy 40 weeks.

  • Paige Bunting

    I am blessed to be pregnant with my fifth child and each of my pregnancies have been very different.

    Baby 1 i was violently sick for 3 days early on and then nothing. Mostly that severe tired feeling.

    Baby 2 i was moderately sick for about a week but not tired at all.

    Baby 3 i was barely sick for about a week. Not at all tired and my breasts didn’t even feel full. (Totally normal baby born)

    Baby 4 i was barely sick but very tired. Lots of water weight.

    Baby 5 i have had morning sickness for 13 weeks and my breasts have never felt so full and tender.

    All close in age to my cool husband of 7 years.