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I was told at 10 weeks that my baby had no heartbeat and had stopped growing at 8 weeks. It was just a routine dating ultrasound. I’d had no bleeding, no cramping, and no indication that anything was wrong. I suffered from a missed miscarriage. As a mother of three healthy boys with no previous history of miscarriage, this was a new experience for me and one I found would have been far easier on me had I known what to expect. I’ve chosen to share my story from start to finish in a series of short articles so that other women who face what our family did are more prepared. You’ll find my story enhanced with research as well as information gleaned from talking to other women who have had miscarriages and healthcare professionals I met through the process to help answer questions you may find yourself asking. missed miscarriage

Article one will deal with whether or not missed miscarriages or miscarriages in general can be misdiagnosed, whether or not you should get a second opinion, and if so, when.

When I was first told I’d had a missed miscarriage, the doctor was very brusque. The ultrasound was very short and my options were shorter. I could have a D&C (Dilation and Curettage) or wait it out naturally. I didn’t believe him. I left that office 100 percent sure he was an incompetent hack. I spent the next week reading stories of people that were told they’d had a missed miscarriage and had everything turn out OK. One minute I was sure my baby was fine, the next I was in tears because I knew she/he wasn’t. It was the longest week of my life.

Is it possible for a miscarriage or missed miscarriage misdiagnosis to happen?

Yes, based on forum responses from women on misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com and personal interviews with women who preferred to remain anonymous, misdiagnosed miscarriages are most common in early pregnancy.

Your chances of a missed miscarriage misdiagnosis may be higher if:

-You are 6 weeks pregnant or less. The further along you are after the 6 week point, the lower the chance of miscarriage misdiagnosis.

-Your ultrasound was not done vaginally. Vaginal ultrasounds are far more accurate in early pregnancy.

-A fetal pole was not seen. This may indicate your due dates are off or you may have a tilted uterus. It appeared to be more common for no fetal pole to be seen and a baby to be found later, than a baby with no heartbeat to later have one.

If a baby is seen measuring 8 weeks or larger with no heartbeat, the chances are quite slim that you had a misdiagnosed miscarriage. If you’re looking for hope, I know that’s not what you want to hear, but I found false hope made my week of waiting far longer. In my case, I was wrong. My doctor was right, and I did have a missed miscarriage, but I’m still glad I got a second opinion. Most of the women I spoke to felt better about things if they got a second opinion or wished they had if they didn’t. It offers that certainty that keeps you from wondering if you’re doing the right thing if you opt for a D&C or struggling with the idea your baby may be alive if you decide to wait it out for a natural loss.

How long should I wait before I get a second opinion about a missed miscarriage?

I know your first instinct is to run straight to another doctor, clinic, or the ER to get a second opinion right now, but the general guideline is to wait at least one week. If you get a second opinion right away, yes you’re getting a new machine and new person reading that machine, but if your due date is incorrect or your baby is developing slowly due to other circumstances, it’s possible you’ll still get a misdiagnosis. Many women who get ultrasounds around 6 weeks find no heartbeat and later find one. Your baby’s heart begins to beat around 6 weeks. If your due date is even a few days off, you could be misdiagnosed with a missed miscarriage.

What about HCG blood levels to catch a missed miscarriage misdiagnosis?

I declined HCG blood testing for the most part. I didn’t want one more thing to stress over. Why?

HCG is supposed to double every 48 hours in early pregnancy before peaking around week 10, and then it begins to decline. Note the word, “supposed.” It is not uncommon for women to have non-doubling HCG levels and have perfectly healthy pregnancies. If your due date is off, your levels could already be dropping. If your baby passed recently, your levels may not have begun to drop off and could remain high for weeks. There are so many things that make HCG levels irrelevant. It’s really just information that’s going to make you worry more. What you do need to know is that your levels return to zero if you do indeed miscarry, meaning a blood test after your loss, if it happens, is recommended.

Article two covers handling the grief of a miscarriage. I hope that this article helps those who are facing a possible missed miscarriage and a sincerely hope you have no need to read article two.

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140 thoughts on “Missed Miscarriage or Misdiagnosis? No Heartbeat at 10 Weeks

  • Cherry Pie Lacar

    Hi good day,

    10 weeks with no heartbeat

    Last July 3, 2018 i had my viganal u/s and showing the baby had a low heartbeat/low cardiac rate. I take duphaston for almost 1 month. During follow up check up last august 4,2018, during vaginal U/s it shows no heartbeat. It was so heartbreaking for us, it my first pregnancy anyway. Last day, august 9, 2018 i had a abdominal U/s in our local area it really shows to heartbeat. Ita so devastating. I was adviced last august 4 to wait 2-4 weeks to come out naturally.. now im so worried about my health… am i not got poison as anybody said to me because dead embryo/fetus is still in the body. Will go back later to see my ob for my ultrasound result reading. i really dont know wat to do.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      I’m very sorry for your loss. Your baby will not poison you, no. If you haven’t begun the miscarriage process itself within those 4 weeks or so, you can talk to your doctor about ways to speed the process and get a second scan to confirm your loss. There are oral medications as well as in-office procedures. Wishing you and your family the best.

  • Jenelle

    Hi there,
    I found out I was pregnant very early on at around 3 weeks and today I should be 10w 2d. (LMP 26 May 2018, conceived 8 June 2018)
    I had my first ultrasound done 2 weeks ago (8w 2d) they couldn’t see anything so I had to sign a consent form for vaginal u/s.
    They never stated if Baby was small or measuring okay. They showed me a small “white flutter” on the screen and told me it was my baby’s heartbeat however it was too small to get an accurate bpm reading.

    I went back there today (10w 2d) to confirm the heartbeat was stronger however this time I had a male sonographer and the gel he used was warm – not really cold like normal – not to sound sexist but I felt this male just checked my ovaries and didn’t pay much attention to the gest. Sac and he kept suggesting another vaginal u/s.

    I consented as I was desperate to see and hear my baby. Once I’d signed the form he left the room and came back with a woman (however he still performed the vaginal u/s) during the Scan there was a knock on the door and the woman let another man in the room who politely introduced himself to me, instructed the male somographer to focus on a particular angle then record the heartbeat. This man then went on to tell me there was no heartbeat and my baby had not grown in size since my last scan 2 weeks ago.

    I’m tempted to go to the ER for a second opinion as I’ve read in one of your articles seeing a heartbeat once vaginally is good and for it to just go away is a “mere 1%”

    Since both my scans were done vaginally earlier one had a heartbeat and later one didn’t, does this mean I’m part of your mere 1%? Or should I trust my instincts and get a second opinion?

    Please don’t be afraid to reply with anything that “may not be what I want to hear” as I want to be as muchly informed as possible about my baby regardless of personal opinions/experiences or professional medical advice.

    Apologies for the long post and; anxiously awaiting and thanking you in advance for your reply 🙂 Xx

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      I’m sorry all this is happening, it’s definitely not an easy thing to face. Seeing a heartbeat is always a good sign, and yes, having seen one at one time does still drop your chances of a loss, but you can still have a loss after seeing a heartbeat. As far as getting a second opinion, I think that’s a good idea in any situation. It gives you that reassurance you need, and at least when I went through this, I found the second opinion scan our local hospital did was far more thorough. They showed me blood flood, measurements, etc. Don’t be afraid to ask for those things if they don’t offer them if you chose to go. My scan wasn’t from the ER, it was with the hospital’s imaging department directly, my doctor requested it be there because I live in a small town. If you don’t, you might look for local recommendations on a very good OB/ultrasound tech and give them a call.

  • Annie Pham

    I still don’t understand, I had no spotting, no cramps, no signs of any sorts as read. My first u/s read I was at 8 weeks 2 days, no heartbeat. So I was sent to 2 blood tests 5 days apart & my HCG was increasing positively which made my GP send me to the second U/S 9 days after. This time they did the vaginal one as well and unfortunately still no heartbeats. I can’t wait to see my GP tomorrow as the last 2 weeks was just a nightmare to me. What is going on? I have 2 healthy boys and never ever experienced any miscarriage before. This is really frustrating!:(

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Unfortunately, HCG can sometimes continue to rise for a short time even after a missed loss. 🙁 If you’ve had two scans 9 days apart, a misdiagnosis is a lot less likely, I know that’s not what you want to hear, and I truly do hope that I’m wrong and you’re one of those rare few, but I’m sorry for your loss if not. I had 3 healthy pregnancies prior to 3 losses in a row. It is very frustrating and confusing, but it happens, and sometimes you never find out why (I didn’t).

  • Krystal

    Okay I’m doing my best to stay positive here, so yday around 10.15am I had contraction like pains, it didn’t subside after 10 mins so I rang 111 and before I could finish I started to bleed. I was told to get to the hospital within the hour which I did. I had blood tests and a pee test and they all come back fine. I couldn’t have the scan till today. I was sent home told to worry and rest. I didn’t bleed through the night or anything so I was becoming more positive as I hadn’t lost to much blood, despite it being bright tedit was very watery. When I woke up and showered this morning there was some thick brown blood. I tried my best to put my worries aside and get to the scan. I had my scan at 11am I saw the baby’s heartbeat and my cervix was closed. All good news they said. The bleeding and pain wasn’t an issue so I was sent home. When I got home I was fine for a few hours I got really bad cramping while cleaning so I stopped and rested. I went to the toilet an hour ago and my wee in the toilet bowl was that bright red watery colour. No wee to be seen just red. I rang the hospital and said what had happened and they don’t seem to really care or seem to be concerned coz the baby and my cervix was fine earlier. Anyone have anything similar? This little buba is a trouble maker 7 weeks in and I’ve had two scans and faint bleeding. I haven’t passed any clots or any thick blood but I am worried.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Unfortunately, checking for a heart beat and to ensure your cervix is closed is all they can do, if it is a loss and there’s no visible sign of something they can fix, wait and see is all that’s left. That you saw a heart beat is a very good sign though. 1 in 4 women have early pregnancy bleeding and many of them go on to have healthy babies. I hope things calm down for you any everything goes smoothly from here on out.

      • Krystal

        I’ve been back for a further vaginal examination to see if there is any trauma to my cervix etc but they couldn’t find anything untoward and said I’m still closed which is a good sign. I’ve still got the brown blood everyday but hopefully in the next two weeks or so I get the 12 week scan. Fingers crossed I see my baby alive and not be told the daunting news like the last 12 week scan. I’ll be 11 weeks this coming Thursday

  • Anonymous

    I am having such a hard time dealing with this ! It’s comforting to read your article, since I too was told that I had a misses miscarriage and have truly been struggling with accepting it. I have experience two months of bleeding and/or brown .. blood or discharge – I am really unsure. I keep finding myself holding on to false help, and I never went back to the doctor out of frustration. I just knew that I was further along than what the doctor had told me, and based on my last period I should have been. I did lose the pain in my breasts, but I still feel as though my stomach is larger than normal, and lack of eating still affects me the same way it did when I was pregnant. I never received an expected date of delivery because the sonographer could not see anything. I should have been 9 weeks based on my last period. By my last visit, the sonographer apparently noted that she did not find a heartbeat but that the sac measured to be about 6 weeks. I have literally been struggling as I have 3 friends that are currently pregnant and will be expecting around the time that I was due. I just want to know if there is any hope – any way to figure out how to get my body back to normal. I am almost desperate to hear a story of the same situation, that turned out to be a healthy baby. Maybe I should go ahead and read article 3. Do I really need a doctor or does this process truly just take more than two months ?

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      If your bleeding has continued over several months and you haven’t seen any tissue, I would go see a care provider, hope or no hope. With a first trimester loss, you wouldn’t expect this level of prolonged bleeding. It’s possible it’s just a lingering hormonal imbalance or your loss is just taking a long time (I did have spotting for about a week before one of my full losses), but it’s worth being sure. It would also offer you some closure (or confirmation that your hope was valid, as bleeding in pregnancy can happen).

      • Anonymous

        I think you’re right. I can’t continue to allow my pain and frustration to cause me to think and act without logic. It’s best that i go ahead and get checked out to know for sure that things are ok. Here and there i do see some sort of clot or tissue come out but not regularly. Thank you for sharing your story and giving advice on a difficult situation that you too have had to go through. Thank you for this – for helping me deal with my loss and I’m sorry that you’ve had to experience this on more than one occasion. It is very hard ! Thanks again !

  • Anonymous

    I just found out today that I have a miscarriage. Last week when the midwife gave me a belly ultrasound and she told me that it stopped grow. I couldn’t believe it so I asked for a vagina ultrasound, and then she said she was wrong, it was at the size it should be, just no heartbeat yet. I was so hopeful, and thought everything was normal. We came back today for another ultrasound to look for heartbeat. Still nothing at 7 weeks, and it was about the same size as last week, so the midwife from today was very sure that we can’t keep this baby anymore. I am broken. My bf is very sweet to me, but I know he is sad too. This was supposed to be our first child, and I had so much hope and dreams about life in a couple of months. I am not sure how to deal with this yet, but your blog gives me useful information, especially about not keeping a false hope. Thank you for this. Hope that I and everybody here who suffered from the same situation can stay strong and move on with your life.

  • Heather dowdy

    Hi..Ive never been pregnant before and just found out that i am. I have been extremely nauseous for the past week and started to wonder so a friend referred me to a free womans clinic (dont have health insurance). Today, i went in and tested positive and they gave me a viginal ultrasound. They told me that my baby stopped growing at 6weeks 6 days and has no heart beat and that the gastrional sack looks to be about 9 weeks..so i miscarried. Please note that this clinic comes up when searching for abortions. Im sad and confused as i keep researching and alot of people say their baby didnt show heart beat either but a few weeks later did. Im concerned about the 9 week growth. They couldnt go off my last period because mine are so irregular that i had to guess. Im telling my boyfriend tonight…any help would be really appreciated. Thank you..

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Ultrasound measurements can vary by the tech reading the machine, particularly so early where even a slight miscalculation can change your dates. I personally would get a second opinion in your case, waiting at least a week, especially since you have irregular cycles.

      Edit: Sorry, I somehow missed the line about irregular cycles in my first comment if they emailed you that.

  • Krystal

    Very helpful article but like the rest of you I feel lost. I found out I was pregnant very early on and didn’t tell anyone for ages, I then decided I could tell a select few. Naturally I got excited and started my folic acid the next day. All was well and good & 6 days before Xmas I decided I was ready to see the doctor get it all confirmed…. I got an emergency scan request sent through as I didn’t know the first day of my last period but only the last day I bled. (17th October.) The refferal went through on the 20th Dec we was just wanting and waiting, anxious every call could be the day we get to see our baby. It felt like forever! I had my first midwife appointment on the 2nd jan as I would be at least 11 weeks and 4 days minimum and she agreed we couldn’t wait and to get the ball rolling. I got a call for the scan department later that day, I couldn’t believe it, it was all falling into place. sure as hell me and my bf were excited. Still we didn’t tell a sole but was excited that as soon as the scan was over we planned to tell his parents then our friends…. our happiness was short lived I got to the scan, I laid on the bed lights were out, she was rolling the devise over my waist, she paused and kept pushing, the baby didn’t move, she said hang on and didn’t show the screen right away. My heart just thudded so loudly in my chest like a train going over the tracks. I looked up and saw there was no heart beating in my babies chest. I said there’s something wrong, there’s no heart beat is there, she then asked how far I thought I was, I said almost 12 weeks, then said I only look 10 weeks, there should be a heart beat, I’m sorry your pregnantcy has ended. Through the tears I managed to take off my jeans and let her do the virginal scan and she confirmed my baby died just over a week ago. Words cannot form the correct words for my emotions right now. I have chosen to have the op on Tuesday. Devestated doesn’t even come close. The worst thing is the scan doesn’t even look normal either. I have two healthy daughters and yet I can’t even make out what part of the scan is the head. When she handed me the photo it was with the pack about miscarriage. I couldn’t bring myself to look at any of it, I couldn’t breath I just needed to get out of there and breath. I didn’t even look at the photo when we got home either all happened rather quick and wiping my tears and breaking down I wish now I had looked. I feel awful. I wonder if I got my scan earlier if I would have seen my baby alive just the once.. I can’t get over the shock. Worst experience of my life and a horrible start to the new year. I’ve had my two girls no complications or anything. It seems really unfair. I can’t shake off how I feel, I still feel really pregnant and still have the heart burn and sicky burps. No tummy pain or bleeding nothing. My body still thinks I’m pregnant which makes it all the more crushing that I’m not going to have my baby.
    Sorry for the long one I’m still in shock, it’s still fresh I only found out 1.30 yday.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      I’m very sorry for your loss. I hope things go smoothly for you and your year is full of better tidings. They should do another scan before a D&C, so if you wanted to look, you will have a chance to say goodbye. 🙁

      • Krystal

        Thank you. I got the closure, I had a second scan before the op. The scan looked perfect I was able to tell in a normal scan what was what without her help, minus the no heart beat, my bubba looked perfect! I knew in my heart that I was ready to say goodbye, you always hope for that miracle but sadly it wasn’t ment for me. Btw if anyone else didn’t know this as I took my virginal scan with me which is why the baby looks weird, I know but I couldn’t stand not knowing why my scan looked so weird. The staff member was brilliant explained everything and what she could see on my scan photo, bless her she got right into it and I could tell she was genuinely totally heartbroken for us as I couldn’t stop sobbing. There was fluid at the bottom of the spine on my actual scan photo and this indicates the baby had died awhile ago. So if you ever see it you’ll know it’s bad news and no chance of a miracle. The op went well no complications or heavy bleeding. I didn’t sleep and still haven’t really. I waited for everyone in my home to sleep so I could let my emotions out further without everyone feeling sorry for me. Today is day one! I just pray to god I don’t have to go through this again as I’ll never get over the pain of losing a baby. X

        • Life with Gremlins admin

          I’m glad everything went smoothly and you ended up with a compassionate staff. It’s a hard grief to process, that loss of someone you never knew, but loved all the same. You don’t have to put on a brave face for other people, you do what you need to do to be right inside. Sending virtual well wishes your way.

          • Krystal

            Thank you. The people I had were amazing. They could tell I was crushed, I didn’t stop sobbing. I sobbed as I went under and sobbed waking up. The nurse kept reassuring me it wasn’t my fault and it’s really unlikely it will happen to us again. It doesn’t make it any easier, a loss is a loss but I’ve accepted it however I can’t sleep, if I do I’m lucky if I get more than 2 hours. Every time I sleep I just relive everything. I end up waking up crying a little more it’s awful. My partner is dealing with it so much better. I do find myself getting annoyed with him as he keeps telling me I need to move on.. I don’t know if I’m jealous he’s taken it so well or am I being over sensitive… It’s been days. Another thing I’d like to add as I haven’t read anything like I’m about to say on here, I know it can seem awkward for someone but everyone deals with grief differently for sure, so I’m sorry for anyone that maybe offended for what I’m asking. I know it’s still early days for me but since yday (day 2) I’ve thought about this a lot, is anyone else finding it hard that you can’t be as close to your partner during this time? like I generally feel like not being able to be intimate with him makes it harder. We are generally very very close and usually so affectionate towards one another. He’s such a sweet guy like the most perfect guy. He does all the sweet cute stuff but always not just here and there. Normally a bad day for what ever the reason usually it would make up for it, he would up his cute level and the clothes would be off. We are very close he always makes me smile because he’s such a fun loving person it’s hard not to be drawn in by it. Nothing got us down coz we just love each other hard. This is different tho. For him 3 days is already a long time. I generally feel bad I can’t be that close to him tho I want to. Before the scan I was really ill over Xmas we got over that, then there was the scan, now the op. I think he feels I’m not as in love with him as it isn’t showing as much for him. However for the risk of future babies and infection I won’t take the risk, I need to heal. I’ve explained how I feel but I think he’s gutted like really gutted. I think we just need to be as close as we can without that part I guess for now. Lots of cuddles and choc for awhile. We both want to try again as soon as I’m good to go. He suggested we try again if anyone understands it’s him he’s a Miracle baby his mum had him after they lost there son at 20 weeks. They tried right away and had my partner. He’s always known he was a gift, a blessing and healed his parents however they’ve not forgotten. It’s nice to know he’s been brought up to understand something so sensitive but he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t ment to be. Everything happens for a reason. I do love him millions. I hope to share some good news in future. Anyway moving forward on a positive note, Today is the first day I’ll be leaving the house as I’ve been off and on my own while he’s at work I’ve taken it easy so hopefully a bit of a girly chat over lunch with the best friend will do me some good. I can’t wait to get some fresh air in my lungs and be out and about I feel ready.
            Thanks for your kind words. I’m sorry it was so long.
            Hopefully the post helps someone as you never know if anyone feels the same way.

          • Life with Gremlins admin

            You are welcome to vent here as much as you like, doesn’t matter how long it is. Sometimes it helps to put what you’re feeling out on paper. Reread it in a few days, that always helps me gain perspective on myself. I don’t think it’s odd that you don’t want to be intimate or that your partner isn’t taking it as hard. For women its an entirely different experience. You’re healing physically as well as emotionally, and the emotional side is something he can’t understand, because he’ll never feel the birth of a life inside himself. You’re right though, everyone handles grief differently. He may be more shaken up than he seems also. It does get better. It’s not a pain you forget, but it does soften over time, and someday I’m sure you’ll find your second rainbow since it sounds like you married one already.

          • Krystal

            Thank you, I kinda think you miss understood I want to be intimate with my partner but we can’t. I think it makes the process that little bit harder that it isn’t recommended coz of the risks etc which I totally understand so we’ve been behaved for the sake of infection & future babies … so far it’s one week down & one week to go right I’m looking forward to that, i think the other half is counting down the days haha! I just miss that closeness as does he. On a positive note I’ve been back to work and the heartache is becoming a little easier to bare and hide (ie putting on a brave happy face at work and in front of the munchkins.) Everything is becoming a bit more normal which is good. The hormones are coming down a bit so I’m not as emotional which is a plus. I have another question tho… have you or anyone else found your pelvic floors are now shot after the op?. I can’t even stop my wee during flow like always. I can slow it down but can’t stop it my muscles are so weak. I’m doing the pelvic floors much more now everyday as I want to strengthen my muscles fast as we want to try as soon as we get passed the two weeks. We arnt going to use the pill or anything or wait for my first period either, our lives will be the same as before the baby come along. The only difference is I won’t be taking the pill anymore and we will be planning a baby. if it happens faster great if not then well the practice is fun. it will be nice to being back in full swing. Being pregnant or not pregnant won’t change a thing it would just be nice to be able to move on fully by getting back to normal and doing the deed which will be a start. It’s the only thing that isn’t normal not having that with the mr once we are back to being us everything else should fall into place.

          • Life with Gremlins admin

            Ah, sorry. I see what you mean now. Glad things seem to doing a little better. 🙂

            I had multiple losses, but I waited them all out at home, so I’m afraid I’ve never done the op, it’s not something I’ve had anyone mention here, but if it continues more than a few weeks after recovery maybe talk with the provider who did your procedure? I know some women have issues with holding their bladder after a full term pregnancy, and that can often be improved with exercise, but I don’t know much about the side effects of a D&C. When they gave me info on it, that wasn’t mentioned, and I didn’t research much more into it because I knew I’d prefer not go that route.

          • Krystal

            I decided waiting it out wasn’t for me. I have two daughters already and a Job I needed to go back to. I’d like to point out before finding out I was pregnant I was a gym goer as the weight had started creeping on and sore boobs which is why I took the test. I’m still in my size 10 and I’ll hopefully be back in my size 8 before summer if no babies. My diet isn’t the best I’ll be honest being an ibs sufferer – I get bloated quickly so I struggle with weight coming off but I don’t put a lot on I just bloat so I feel full when I’m not so full of you get my meaning it’s just uncomfortable but I never had an issue with my pelvic floor muscle I’m still a spring chicken lol. I haven’t been given a follow up appointment. It’s just notes in the post telling me what I had done. It must work differently where your from? Should I book an appointment with a doctor for an examination or what not? I don’t actually know what the next move is?

          • Life with Gremlins admin

            My care provider did do a followup, but honestly she delivered 3 of my previous children (now 4, I did successfully conceive after 3 losses) I’m not sure if it’s standard procedure. I think anytime that you have questions without easy to find answers like this and something doesn’t feel right, it’s worth calling at the least…that’s what a good provider is there for.

    • Krystal

      Hi, I’m back, I’ve found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant with a new buba, I hope this one makes it. Luckily I only had one period after my mmc which is decent. I had a lot of pain on my right side sharp stabbing pain it took my breath away, my doctor was concerned it could be an eptopic pregnancy. With it being so soon after your loss I’m going to get an emergency appointment, I went the next day, (the early pregnancy unit) they confirmed I am 5 weeks and the baby so far is fine. It’s been almost a week and I still keep getting the sharp stabbing pains but they aren’t concerned coz it’s the side I ovulated from. I’ve also had a few brownish discharge toilet trips when I’ve wiped after having a wee. Do I need to be concerned? I don’t wana allow myself to get to excited but I’m also worried coz I lost the last baby. Buba is due 15/11/18.

      • Life with Gremlins admin

        I would try your best not to worry as there isn’t anything you can do either way. If you saw a heart beat the chances of a loss are already much lower. Most losses are early, before 6 weeks and your risk drops from here on out every day. 🙂 As far as the pain and spotting, it could just be that your hormones were still a little out of whack when you conceived and things are taking longer to even out as a result. Even without a prior recent loss, bleeding in pregnancy is fairly common (1 in 4). Congrats on your rainbow baby!

        • Krystal

          When I went for a scan I was only 5 weeks. The last did the vaginal scan as I’m only early pregnancy, I knew that anyway, she saw the sack but no fetal pole but said not to worry because it’s early. It’s common it just means we haven’t got a good enough position. My dates match up with the measurements and everything is in the right place and congratulations. The lady smiled and finished up with saying I’m so used to giving bad news that it was nice to give some good news this morning. She said I’ll be getting my next scan between 12-14 weeks. Try not to worry it’s good news today.. and that was that. I’ve seen my doctor for a referral for midwife. Fingers crossed. It’s weird tho as I don’t feel pregnant or ill with the baby. Just in the morning brushing my teeth and the mouthwash other than that I feel completely normal. I guess time will tell as to what happens next.

          • Life with Gremlins admin

            Every pregnancy can be totally different symptom wise. I had two that were entirely symptom free, and one that threw every weird obscure tiny symptom in existence at me. 7 weeks will go by in no time, I’m sure a lot of your concerns will die down when you get to see bubs.

  • Kaye

    I found this article helpful. I never knew about missed miscarriage til I read this article. I am going through it right now. I am supposed to be 10 weeks pg. Had an u/s and there wasn’t any cardiac activity. My heart broke into millions of pieces. My OB asked for another scan just to be sure. My heart broke more after finding out the same results. My baby only measured 8 weeks and 6 days. I had no bleeding, no cramps or whatsoever. I am scheduled for D&C next week. I’m not sure how to cope up with this. I feel devasted and so lost.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      I’m sorry for your loss. My first was now over 3 years ago, and I still don’t fully understand how to deal with it. It’s an odd feeling losing a child you never met, but the loss and pain is still there none the less. Wishing you well and an easy recovery.

  • Beth

    Thank you for your article. I just learned today of my missed miscarriage. Also 10 weeks with baby grown to 8wks or so. I also have 3 healthy kids- but mine are all Girls! 🙂 I have seen several articles about misdiagnosis and it scares me if we do the D&C and I regret it. I may wait the week as you suggest.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      I’m sorry for your loss, they should also do a scan right before your D&C, at least most care providers will, just to be sure. You have the option to wait it out naturally as well.

    • Brenda

      As I read all this comments my hope grows a little bit more. We had been trying to conceive for the past 2 years, finally last month on the 23rd we found out we were pregnant, On November 20th had my first ultrasound and the baby measure 7 weeks 1 day, on Wednesday (2days after) I saw that I was bleeding but only when I wiped and it was only once, I rushed to the ER because my doctors office was closed due to thanksgiving break, anyway they did an ultrasound and told me that there was no heartbeat, and that I was going to miscarriage on my own, I went home heartbroken and not understanding why if 2 days ago everything seem normal, I wanted to get a second opinion and of course the waiting game wasn’t helping me at all, I ended up going to an other ER and they did a ultrasound (Saturday 25th) they did found a heartbeat at 117 bpm and said the baby measured 8 weeks, the baby had growth and I didn’t understand how the other doctor told me otherwise, anyway monday came and I went to see my doctor, after looking at my records told me that my baby didn’t had a heartbeat at all and ordered another ultrasound and yes she came back to me and said no hb was found, now im schedule to have a D&C, I’m completely confused and I still feel really pregnant, my morning sickness are still pretty strong, and i haven’t had any cramps or more bleeding, Im scared that they will
      Do something and be wrong

      • Life with Gremlins admin

        This is a very odd story, if they found a heart beat by ultrasound, they can’t later say there wasn’t one. You either see it or you don’t. If I was you, as hard as they are to stomach, I’d get another ultrasound before a D&C, though many places will do one before the procedure. You are also welcome to wait things out. You don’t have to have a D&C if you are uncomfortable with it, if it is a loss, there’s a good chance it will happen on it’s own (it can sometimes take weeks 🙁 ) Wishing you well, and sincerely hope you’ve been misdiagnosed.

      • Kiran

        With me also somethings wrong I was 6 week pregnant little bleeding was coming I went for doctor check up she checked my crevices and she told it’s miscarriage and she cleaned my vagina she took out something duration that my stomach also pain when she cleaned I came back home in sad mood after tow day nurse called and told congrats still u are pregnant I am so much confused what should I do.9th Jan my appointment she will check heartbeat.little bleeding we’re there only how she can do with me wrong

        • Life with Gremlins admin

          She didn’t take a blood sample? Just something from your vagina? I can’t think what they may have taken to test that would confirm a pregnancy was still viable. Either way, I hope things work out for you, and the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.