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I wouldn’t say we tried to conceive our fourth child for the sake of having a girl, but we did really want to have a girl after 3 boys. So, I set out to research how to conceive a girl and tried some things out, and I am happy to announce gremlin 4.0 is due Saint Patrick’s day 2015 and was confirmed as a girl yesterday! Before my efforts to conceive a girl after 3 boys, I was not aware how many other women have issues conceiving one gender or another. It did, however, seem girls were the harder of the two for many, so I thought I’d share how I did it, how I finally conceived my girl.

baby girl after 3 boys

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First off, if you want to have a girl after 3 boys, or even 1 or 2, what should you keep mind?

There are no guarantees. If you set out to gender sway (that’s what it is called to attempt to sway your chances of having one gender or another) you have to be ready to accept that you may end up with the opposite gender. If a happy, healthy baby is not good enough for you or you don’t really want another child unless it is a girl or boy, I recommend you just not try. Be honest with yourself in this department—kids are forever.

Second, there are a lot of different ways to sway, and there is a lot of conflicting information. Some sways can require some pretty drastic life changes, and others are quite minor. Either way, your commitment to those changes is important. The best resource I found in my 4-year attempt for a girl was genderdreaming.com. There is a forum full of very supportive women along with extensively researched methods of swaying.  On top of that, the site is active. Members submit their sways and the results and everything is tracked. If something is or isn’t working, that’s addressed and examined. It truly is an invaluable resource that is free.

How did I personally conceive a girl after 3 boys?

Once I started my research, I found that much of my lifestyle was contributing to my all boy line-up. For instance:

Diet: I love cheese and meat. You have no idea how much, but it turns out that women who eat high-protein, nutrient-rich diets conceive more boys. In fact, vegetarians tend to conceive more girls. I drastically changed my diet for several months. I cut meat out during the day and switched to low nutrient meals such as iceberg salad. I kept my dinner meat portions very small. For me this was a huge change.

Another thing I did was skip breakfast.

Exercise: Next, while I’m by no means a couch potato, I have 3 boys, I didn’t often make time for exercise before, but the stats over at genderdreaming were showing incredible results for weight loss and cardio. So, every morning I started riding my stationary bike in my living room for minimum of 60 minutes. I lost almost 20 pounds in 3 months.

I honestly think the exercise and diet were the main contributors to me having a girl after 3 boys, but I did do a couple of other things as well.

-I was taking cinnamon and Pregnitude, as blood sugar is said to have a roll in gender determination.

-I was taking vitex and saw palmetto. Lower testosterone and balanced hormones are also said to sway girl.

-I was taking baby aspirin. This is suggested to help conceive in general, as most of the methods to help conceive a girl also lower fertility.

Finally, I also had quite recently suffered a miscarriage. As far as I know you won’t find a study to support this, but many woman report conceiving a girl after a loss.

Anyway, I certainly am not suggesting doing exactly what I did will work for you if you are trying to conceived a girl after 3 boys, just putting my story up as a it-does-happen encouragement for those feeling they can never have a baby girl as well as some insight into how my baby girl came about.

As a helpful quick look for those just getting into gender swaying, you can read a short overview of gender ratio and factors of swaying supported by studies right here. We also have a new gender determination quiz based on the science of gender swaying found here. This quiz can be taken before or after conception.

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22 thoughts on “I’m Having a Girl After 3 Boys!

  • Awesomemoms

    By reading this, i just got home from hospital, did an ulrasound and found out that our 3rd baby is a BOY (again)..I have 5y and 3y boys and so much wanting a girl soo baad.. i got home very very sad and cry a lot till now. I just cant believe after some efforts i did be4 pregnant like schedule the time for sex which is 2-3 days be4 ovulation, pour some water mix with vinegar on to vagina be4 intercourse and not having orgasm at all.. and now i got this news(know that its a boy) which breaks my heart soo much .. It’s like i will never thought about will pregnant ever again..

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      Ah, I’m sorry. Unfortunately nothing can guarantee you’ll get one gender or the other. It helps to focus on the fact you do still have a healthy baby who I’m sure will be an amazing little boy. 🙂

  • Sweetdove

    I swayed for a boy after 2 girls and still ended up with a 3rd girl. I mean hardcore swaying. In trying for a 4th we decided to go semi-hi-tech. We had our sperm tested for XY ratio twice and the first test showed 68% X sperm while the second test showed 76% X sperm!!! There is not way for us to naturally conceive a boy with such ratios no matter how hard we swayed! I was so disappointed and shocked that the much touted ~”every man produces roughly 50/50 XY sperm” was utter and complete crap. Some men are genetically predisposed to more X or more Y.

    Just wanted to put that out there.

    • Life with Gremlins admin

      I’m afraid on a scientific level, it is not “crap.” The reason sperm counts are roughly 50/50 is due to the process by which sperm is produced. To make sperm, undifferentiated cells (germ cells) divide evenly to form two pieces. The male body is made up of XY cells, so when germ cells divide, you’re always dividing an XY, and you will always get an X and a Y.

      However, samples like yours CAN vary. If you had your husband’s sperm sampled once a day for a month, you’d see variation in both directions. Some more X, some more Y, some about even. This is because just because an even number of X and Y are produced, doesn’t mean an even number of X and Y make an exit every single time. Not all produced sperm make it out. I hope that helps crap make more sense. 🙂

  • Mollie

    Congrats that is so exciting for you! I have two boys, 4 & 15months. I unfortunately just had a miscarriage, and we are eager to try for our third. I sit not know that getting pregnant after a miscarriage might sway girl. I will look into those swaying things too! I would be happy with a healthy baby girl or boy, this is just interesting facts. How long were you on your diet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kay Antoniades

    I am finally having my baby girl this year. This is my 8th and final pregnancy. I have 4 healthy boys ages 12,7, 2, and 9 months. I had 2 miscarriages and a previous daughter died just after birth due to a defect. I am so excited to finally be able to have a little girl but we didn’t do anything special that I know of. We weren’t trying to get pregnant but now that she’s almost here I can’t wait!!!

  • Sophie

    I have 3 lovely yet exhausting boys and I am pregnant with baby number 4. ( due sept 1st) I didn’t see this page before today, but would have, liked to have tried some of your suggestions. Although I was a vegetarian for 15 years (during the time I had 2 of my boys) and I don’t think that really makes a difference. This time I’m a meat eater, so who knows. I am just wondering if anyone conceived a girl on their ovulation day? as I’m pretty sure that’s when we conceived if not a couple of days after. I would be happy with another boy if that’s what I’m destined to have, but it would be nice to have a girl around x so pleased for you all.

    • unwirklich admin

      I think all the swaying stuff is just that, a slight sway to a better chance for one or the other, its certainly not a sure bet. They say O-day makes more boys, but I guarantee there are women out there that have gotten girls that way. Hope you get your wee lass, boys are a ton of fun, but having a girl has been a whole new experience.

    • Nikki

      I also have three boys 8, 6 and 4 and a 3 month old baby girl. We got pregnant on ovulation day with her. We did not sway at all just decided we wanted one more baby regardless of boy or girl. We did not have a miscarriage before her but did have 2 before my 2nd son so there goes that theory I think its just luck of the draw. Good luck though and congrats

      • Nicola

        Next June we will have exactly the same if this baby is a girl. The exact same ages 😉 8 6 and 4 year old boys and a 3 month old. I wonder if we will get a girl this time? Ingender reckons yes… Quietly hoping!

        • unwirklich admin

          Our boys are almost 8, 6, almost 4, and our daughter is 18 months right now. 🙂 Thinking pink for you, it’s a whole new experience.

  • Michelle

    I am 14 weeks away from having my first girl after 3 boys and I too had an early miscarriage 2 months before falling pregnant this time. I never changed my diet and timing as everyday from 5 days before O. I wonder if the miscarriage theory has some truth?!

  • Amber

    I had a baby girl after three boys also. My husband and I only had sex 4 days before ovulation. So i used timing. But i had also lost a baby before her. I was unaware of miscarriage, and having a girl theory. I still cannot believe she is a girl! But so happy to have her.

  • Melita

    Hello how nice to read your story, I have 3 boys and my husband & I don’t really want anymore children however we have not had a girl yet and are both desperate to have one but don’t want to fall pregnant and have another boy, as much as I love my boys.

    I have read so much on this and it helps, My youngest is almost 2 so I think this year we will decided and I have never done Gender swap which I wanted to with Baby 3 but fell very quickly.
    Thank you Melita