Pregnancy Chances Calculation Quiz Beta 181

We get so many comments here at Life with Gremlins regarding chances of pregnancy, we’ve decided to beta test this new pregnancy probability quiz to estimate your chances of pregnancy from no chance to high (not by percentage). Please note that questions are conditional, meaning depending on your answers, your quiz length may vary from 1 to 9 questions. We’d love to hear your thoughts as to whether this was helpful to you and any improvements you might suggest including whether or not your scenario was covered by the quiz. As always, we welcome comments, questions, and input. We do our best to get back to folks within 48 hours.

Keep in mind that a high or low chance of pregnancy doesn’t guarantee that there will or won’t be a pregnancy. Many couples trying to conceive try for months or years even and don’t become pregnant, and many other couples who are trying their best not to conceive (birth control, condoms, timing, all of it) do. Probability isn’t a promise, nor are these quiz results. This page is merely intended to provide a quick answer as to your likelihood of conception. If you found your way here by direct link, we also have a page that explains how the calculations in this quiz are made.

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Hi I had sex with my boyfriend and the condom broke. He said he did not ejaculate yet, and that he felt it as soon as it broke and he got out. It broke on the side slightly. I had sex the day after my predicted ovulation date and I’m really scared that I may be pregnant by pre cum or something. What are my chances?


If I have stomach pain and cramps in the week before my period could I be pregnant? I am on the pill and during sex my boyfriend has not ejaculated in me


if I have sex at anytime on the pill but he does not cum in me, what are the chances of getting pregnant? I take my pill every day and have not forgotten one and he pulls out before he cums


my boyfriend and i had sex 6 days before i ovulated. i know i ovulated due to the change in my cervixam mucus. he wasn’t close to cumming at all. am i pregnant by precum six days before i ovulated?


If I started birth control and have taken it regularly for 2 weeks , then had sex in which my boyfriend fully ejaculated in me after missing 3 pills , can I be pregnant ?